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Nice to meet ya! I'm Raichu! I'm a young Texan girl who dreams of entertaining people with my art! I am the author of the comics Team Red and Ke Kumu o Ke Koa. I use these comics as a chance to improve my skills when it comes to efficiency and strategy! If you get the chance, give me some constructive criticism! I hope you enjoy my work art!
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    Call me Raichu or Comic if you want!
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I finally updated it.
I.. I did it.
I decided to use messier line work to decrease the effort needed to make a page.
I think I may stick with this since it lowers the amount of time needed to produce pages.

Also, I really need to get Donator for this, it hurts my heart to decrease the quality of the page so much just so it'll be under 500KB.

Anyways, I'm pretty sure if Mr. Nuzleaf here had ears, they would've fallen off by now... :D
I love doing this.
Avis used Rock Throw!
It wasn't very effective!
Hello from a.. grounded.. teen.. haha..

(Totally did not wait for everyone to fall asleep or leave to post this-)
Woah, I'm interested...

Also, the art is amazing. I just had to say that.
@Nosh Ware: Oh, expect more dynamic facial expressions that I've had more time to practice on due to how long this comic is taking me. Haha...
@Nosh Ware: I'm so so so sorry! I keep forgetting to finish coloring the next comic because of all the events I've been attending recently and how easily distracted I get by.. well.. everything. I'll get to that right now! Darn me.. But It's still alive!
@PhantomCat: Nah, the best Alolan Pokemon is Turtonator :0
@fyreblazes: Yeah! I'm taking some artistic liberties, haha

(darn the maximum of 500 KB rule thingy)
Let's keep making art of hilarious ships! I'm still shipping S.S Anne X S.S Tidal! We will never sink! And If we ever do, we will just get a new boat and keep sailing! I'm getting ready to make some more art already!

"I am a slow walker, but I never walk back."
-Abraham Lincoln (1809-1865), 16th President of the United States
I totally did not get lazy and decide "Hey, I'm not going to color this."

Anyways, I'm finally restarting the comic, and with a bit of a backstory, not much, but still one.
I'm back! I hope all you Americans out there had an awesome 4th of July! :3
Jeez.. sorry about not uploading. Recently I haven't been feeling enthusiastic about drawing any pages.. or really doing anything. But now I'm back, and I hope all you fellow Americans out there had a great 4th of July! Also, sorry if there's lack of quality in this post, I had to lower it's quality a lot so it could actually be under 500 KB.

Thanks to everyone who has been waiting patiently.