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I am a writer and artist with a long time interest in comics and loving the idea of mixed media - art and sound etc etc. I have spent a couple of decades roving and 'living the life' - and now I'm settled I want to dive into the world of webcomics and explore some of my own ideas; down the road and from the road.
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And so a new chapter begins. Thus begins the escalation... the climax is scant weeks away!
Chop! Chop! Hurry up Marcy!
Yeah, probably best not to leave ole Derek laying about there Marcy! LOL!
Go Marcy Go!
Marcy Gray, your favourite Lesbian anti-heroine dealing out some pain!
Tough love huh?
Hallo there gentle reader... prepare for Marcy's anger... She's getting pissed!
Back to drip feed! Here begins Chapter 8... darker and darker we gooooo!!!
Downtown is fulla drunks and skanks and purveyors of the flesh, the fetish and the fervour of the passions. So I decided Charlie's best option, to hide from Baghead, was behind a large drunk - in the process of chucking up their previous meal.

You see, it's all about the details! ;>
I really hope you are enjoying this so far. The Edinburgh Fringe will be finished soon and I'll get a chance to work on more pages before going to Italy to collect my motorbike and drive back to Scotland via various friends - in short an adventure in the real world.
Book 2
Hi there, so Book Two starts back with Charlie confronting Leona. Brace yourselves! Book Two gets pretty twisted - in a good way!
And so begins the fifth chapter of Nu-City Blues - Straight into this in harsh black and white - Oh yeah! This chapter is like a great big stick to stir the porridge of your mind LOL
So That's the Final part of this wee intermission - BOOK II is coming next week!
Back In Business
So after a brief hiatus, travelling across Europe I'm back! This is A Part Between - slightly different art style, and introducing a character who will crop up in book 2, Baghead, a cross-dressing Acrimonite who heralds the dawn of a new age...
At the Lion Gate, Mycenae.
The goddess of the crossroads is Hecate, and she was associated with sorcery (amongst other things). She was depicted in triadic form, as were many of the ancient goddesses.
I took a while researching the clothes and the ancient city in this section. And the passageway actually exists, it kind of inspired the notion of locating a Gateway there.
Mechanos, the mythos
@Geezer: Haha! You might like this, I wrote loads of notes to add fibre to the mythos, haven't gotten round to posting anything as yet. But here's a taste.


“Mechanos, the machine god flexes his rusting head, the noise is the sound of pile-ups and collisions, he flexes iron hands and steel alloy fingers shine. He breathes out carbon monoxide, runs on oil sucked from the dying heart of the earth, he blinks thoughtless headlight eyes, twinned orbs, slicing beams rove the night. He gazes down upon the ruin and smiles”

One day Dollar was roaming the earth and he came across a desert where his mother (Crude-Ass) slept in a bath of black blood. While she slept he copulated with her and from this union Mechanos was born.

Mechanos sometimes appears as a many heady hydra, his faces run in cycle from old to the new. The new are gleaming, chrome and painted metal. Headlight eyes shine but as time passes they age, rust, corrode, the eyes crack and loose their sight and are cast down like shorn skin into the world, while in it’s place another grows.

The pain of this constant and endless cycle has turned him mad. From his parents has inherited a hatred of nature and the old gods. In contempt he marks his stain across their territories.
Nu-City blues is kind of an experiment. A way of keeping insanity at the gates. Madness is a pack of hounds braying in the darkness beyond the confines of the fortress of 'The Self'. Occasionally I allow one to slip through the gate. If in the concept of Yin there is an essence of Yang, then so too in sanity there must exist a measure of its opposite.

And anyway, what the fuck is 'sanity' anyway? TV? Televangelists? Consumerism? Progress? The blind adherence to imported tribal deities, way too big for their books?

Normal is an empty vessel bearing little sustenance. Normal is the adoration of Celebrities, X-factor and (un)Reality TV, which 'normal' people use to fill in the vast spaces in their lives. Yes, I am 'insane' if you measure condition by such 'standards' - but I have 'lived' in the physical world, as much as I now dwell in the internal.

From the internal I offer this experiment. By way of a prelude, as I get to grips with the medium. There is more to come. There are worlds and ideas. Darkness, light, the seed contained within.