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I am a writer and artist with a long time interest in comics and loving the idea of mixed media - art and sound etc etc. I have spent a couple of decades roving and 'living the life' - and now I'm settled I want to dive into the world of webcomics and explore some of my own ideas; down the road and from the road.
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    Dave Migman
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Yes it is true, for a variety of reasons NCB is going on the back-burner for the summer. See you in September!
Only one page this week. busy with Medieval Festivals and such like.
The return of Domikron!
This week's offering!
Here we go, another couple of pages for you.
@JFP: :> Heartfelt thanx!
Back at it!
Nu-city Blues is online again. sorry for the months of absence. As previously stated my arm was kaput, see my news feed for more.

Welcome to Part Three of Book One, Nu-City Blues.
This is the final section and a riotous journey with little respite awaits you.
Brace! Brace!
Part two of Nu-City Blues Book One - brace yourselves!
And so departs Domikron the hunter.
Domikron is back!
I love Dom!
Welcome to Nu-City Blues! Chapter 10 begins here! Enjoy this!
And so a new chapter begins. Thus begins the escalation... the climax is scant weeks away!
Chop! Chop! Hurry up Marcy!
Yeah, probably best not to leave ole Derek laying about there Marcy! LOL!
Go Marcy Go!
Marcy Gray, your favourite Lesbian anti-heroine dealing out some pain!
Tough love huh?
Hallo there gentle reader... prepare for Marcy's anger... She's getting pissed!
Back to drip feed! Here begins Chapter 8... darker and darker we gooooo!!!