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@Smiffy SMF <3: sorry i was gonna add it this morning but im not at home and i wont be home all today
there is a lot of character development in this page so impresive
wtf. smiffy you might wanna see what this nibba just did to your character
steve cant die he is invincible
nananananana elmo's world
cool lookin forward to it god im so lonely
@Smiffy SMF <3: is his name smiffy, respond in 5 seconds or i'm putting his name as smiffy in the sprites page
who would win a gallon of grape juice or a pint of apple juice comment what you thinkp
Wow! Nice updateClick here to receive a free iPhone 7
show dont tell, one of the greatest rules of litertature
@TimeSceo: no i made it today dingdong

i was away the rest of the weekk
p-please update minna san....
this is the best update so far /s