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If I see something I like, chances I'll try to do it to. Also I like talking :D and commenting cause it's fun so yeah ^^
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Your not a monster, it's called plot
And oh man, poor guy got dusted
Okay....yep those were my thoughts exactly.
Looks she kinda believed him in the end, It's better than nothing
@troblsomtwins829: Do what you need to do, no rush, take your time until you have everything sorted out, these things happen, hope it goes well

Just be sure not to tell Ryuk about this Iten, cause we all know that won't end well.

And Bokyurah how about telling Iten that the hat your wearing is from a human you burned alive, and the location of were your team died. Ryuk mentioned it but is was blurred out, that place seems important.
All that suspense.......Only to be destroyed
.................... 0_0
Did he just.............Wait, What
Now that is what I call a decent individual. You have a good friend Bokyurah, you should treasure him, since he's all you have.

I'm sure his face will be fine, that mark doesn't look to serious, It should heal without any problems

@troblsomtwins829: sure thing, Yeah it sucks, there's a whole bunch of them left, right and center, it always does pay to double check.
@SkyHooves: I pretty sure they've already been portrayed as animals or wild beasts, while also having a conscious mind. This "animalistic" side to Bokyurah is likely the result of all the events that's taken place (before and after) and how they've affected her. She obviously hasn't recovered from what's happened, and Iten more or less just forced her to face reality and told her the cold truth. Her teams dead, he knows their dead and there's no point in running away from reality or hiding that fact from the others as they'll figure it out in due time. Also it has been mentioned that Katzu's are aggresive, so this kind of reaction is to be expected when you push the right buttons.
Truth hurts doesn't it?
Here's hoping that slash wound heals and Iten's eye is ok, ones scars bad enough let alone losing an eye. Although I highly doubt he'll lose his eye or gain another scar. I'm guessing It'll probably be a momentary thing to have Bokyurah face reality and so she can see the results of her blind actions.

I like how Iten doesn't even say anything after he gets slashed in the face, he just let's the truth of his words sink in.
Full restore required
Well damn....that was savage, and that my friends is how Iten achieved the impossible, and severely burned a fire type
Go on Iten!!! Give it to her!!!!

Jokes aside
It seems Boykurah's not the only whose been keeping a track of things.
And I thought Iten was the naive one. She has not only come up with insane accusations, she's being dawn right salty. Here's hoping Iten can get some food made with bacon grease, and a mouth-watering ganache to calm Bokyurah down.
Thinking you were Gullible or just Oblivious
Aside from the fact that you pretty much abducted him into you're team, why Iten didn't refuse or say anything is beyond me, I'm guessing he didn't know what to do, or confused about what happened to him and stuff, but OK.

1. Sorry to bust your bubble Bokyurah, but as unlikely as it may seem, Iten (who is now a pokemon) is pretty much clueless about the war, I don't even think he knew about it when he was a human, and there is such a thing called amnesia.

2. Then again what Bokyurah says is true. Who the heck just let's a random pokemon that they've found into their team despite knowing little to nothing about them when there's a war going on. Then again Iten is more or less oblivious to this from what it seems.

3. Iten's expression right now is priceless, he even seem to be phased. It's like he's saying "...OK..."
@SkyHooves: Yeah I agree this comment section already been overloaded ^_^;
@SkyHooves: Elaborating on point some of the points.

3. Iten still has fragments of his memory present. So in a sense, it can be said that he does remember her, but doesn't know were from, how, and his connection to her. Kinda of like when you see a face and you know the face, but everything else linked to the face is lost deep in your consciousness. So when he said he didn't know her deep down in his mind, he knew he knows the vaporeon from somewhere, but doesn't why, and probably wanted to keep these things to himself, hence why he likely said what he said. But like I said before Bokyurah noticed all of this.

4. See the thing is, they met another pokemon who by the way had Ryuks mark on his face, and he commented on the mark on Iten, yet he didn't know who Ryuk was, despite having his mark on his face. The thing that would strike as odd, is pretty much everyone knows who Ryuk is, and it's save to assume they know about his marking system, yet how can he have Ryuk mark on his face and not know who is. Better yet, as we've seen before it's a pretty open thing, and his marks are very specific and distinguished but how does nobody know the identity of the eevee, despite clearly having encountered Ryuk.

4.1 Regarding the clothing, Bokyurah or archmedes stated that "the cloths came from a raid the other day, only one human escaped, were still looking for them". Assuming she/he knows were the raid was, that would mean she/he knows were the cloths came from, but not who they belonged to.

5. What I meant by that wasn't she thinks Iten's a humans, rather she's weary and suspicious of the way he acts, thinks and does things, which is pretty much the exact opposite of what a wild pokemon's supposed to be or what they're trying to do in general. Had it been anyone else they would have watched or even helped Bokyurah kill the human, yet he outright stopped her and got in her way. More or less protecting the human, which wild pokemon would never do. After doing that, it's clear as day that there's more to Iten than meets the eye, and from her point of view he could be a number things, pre-owned pokemon, owned pokemon, spy etc

once again sorry for the long comment ^_^;
Watching your every move
"And furthermore" let me guess the mark on his face, cause you know, Bokyurah knows Ryuk really well, so there's no reason to say she wouldn't know about the marking system.

Aside from that, lets see all the strange things Iten's done or has happened to him.

1. Ryuk gave him a mark while he was human but, he somehow died or survived however you put it, and now that he's a eevee (which apparently was the doing of magic), there's a whole bunch of unsolved mysteries surrounding him. Ryuk was present during this event and was lead to believe he killed him.

2. When the trainer threw the pokeball at Iten, and it hit directly, instead of going into the pokeball like normal, literally nothing happened, except for him getting comically hurt. Bokyurah was there and witnessed all of this firsthand.

3. Denied knowing the Vapereon even though through the remnence of memory he has, has traces of who she is, possibly due to uncertainty and to avoid attention to himself. Bokyurah was present during this event, and immediately knew Iten was hiding something that he didn't want to reveal.

4. When iten and Bokyurah went to see Archmedes, he clearly stated that he doesn't know who Iten was, which was odd as like she said, he should know who Iten was. Furthermore during that same event despite not being told to touch anything, he couldn't help put pull out the very same clothing that he wore when he was still a human. Something which intrigued Archmedes. Because bokyurah never saw Iten as a human, this probably wouldn't strike her as odd. However she posibbly knew were they came, assuming she new were the raid was. Again Bokyurah was present during all this. Really good thing Ryuk wasn't there.

5. Stopped Bokyurah from killing the human, which is probably the most out of place thing to do, cause literally most, if not all wild pokemon hate/want to kill humans or out right avoid them. This action pretty much sealed the deal regarding any sort of suspicion behind who or what Iten is. (Not saying they think he's a human)

6. Doesn't seem to mind humans despite technically being a wild pokemon. Come on Iten, are purposely trying to make yourself look like the enemy.

7. Bokyurah found him in a dumpster, and with everything that's happened up until this point, it could be assumed by others that he was once owned by a trainer, possibly being released or his pokeball was destroyed and has alot of those pre-owned traits present like the vaporeon.

8. HE HAS DIFFERENT COLOURED EYES!!!! How has no-one mentioned this, or even found it odd.

Sorry about this long comment XDXDXD
Well that's not good
The gig is up Iten. You've been figured out. Time to come clean
Wow Ryuks's in trouble there's something you don't see everyday
Happy Birthday!!!
Bit late. I know. But still Happy Birthday
Wow that was easy, good work xatu, and now Ryuks normal again, and not bloodthirsty.
Hmm and I wonder what that could be
He was this angry before?!! Now I'm curious to know what happened then.