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Please tell he throws his earphones.
The background for the comic is kickass
And now we wait for the translation
Numberman, please stop before you hurt yourself.
@RedBomber: ...I wish I could down vote
The anwser is 23, you fool.
September 7th, 2017
I've only heard legends of the legends of the all mighty black dental card
@Neo-Ripper: covered in head to toe in a robe, mouth covered, ala assassin creed style, completely bandage left arm. Yep, ANIMMMMMMEEEEEE
He looks like an Anime main character
September 4th, 2017
I'm....not sure what to think...
Nice animation
Just to note, the chain above this post is perfection.
@PhoenixFurno: Darn it *throws bucket through time-space rift to hit Wily*
@PhoenixFurno: *matrix the spark balls and chases Sparkman with a bucket of water*
@PhoenixFurno: Hey, Sparkman, why don't you have hands?