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that is all you need to know
@williamkng123: honestly 2 sabertooth and a sheep is a good 1st turn setup for me.
Stabbed with a spoon... only the 12th most painful way to die.
@williamkng123: ... *plays a fluffal desk, doesn't run tiger* I know what to add to my deck now, thanks.
teddyursa looks like a fluffal/frightfur from yugioh
I go to an engineering class and this makes no sense to me?
When will we see more of the fish girl island?
@BattleStarX: took you long enough to admit it
....the hell?
@Guess who: ...SCREW YOU.
Well... they're screwed. NEW COMIC TIME! jk
Pedobear's seal of approval
Did..Did he roll UP a wall?
@ambat: What...