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My name is Tone and I am a swedish comic book artist in the making.

Here, you can find my short comic DAYS, and soon its sequel, WindFish

You can also find me at;
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You know you want one!
And here it is, the finished printed version of WINDFISH! I am really happy with the result (its shiny!)

So, If you want to buy one yourself, all you have to do is go here:

This "book" includes all of the pages of the webcomic as well as a few pages of extras. It is in A5 format and has a shiny cover in a paper that is a bit thicker than the rest of the pages. All of it printed professionally at Linderoths in Vingåker.

If only one person buys this I will still be really really happy because I love the thought of spreading my work to as many as I possibly can.

(the question thing I suggested last time is postphoned for now because of artblock. sorry)
Bigger version with more quiality can be found here:

So this is the official cover of Windfish: printed eddition! Hope you like it!

Soo It'll take some time until I get it printed I'm afraid. In the meantime, why don't you ask me or my characters some questions? And I just might draw the answers if I get enough^^

Mayelv:That makes me som very happy ~ <3 Um thanks again!^^

Wise Ookami: Oh thankyou~ I'm hoping they wont become too expensive the shipping might cost some though (depending on where you live and how close it is to sweden)But I wont charge more than I have to though, promise!

Taiki:Oh thank you! That means a lot, especially since I've been lurking around your webcomic (taiki) for quite some time^^

Teddynsomgillarpandor: Tackar tackar^^ Haha ja jo det hade du gillat va xD yay^^
The end of windfish.
Can you believe it guys? this is actually the last page ever of Windfish. The rustworld chronicles are far from over though and I do have Ideas for a sequel so keep your eyes out for it, ok?:)

Thank you so so much those of you who've stuck with me during all those months and commented lovely things and wished me well during my sick days. Without you this would have been a whole lot more difficult. <3

Check in here now and then anyway though, because I'll post some extras (Suggestions are welcome!^^ ) and the cover (that I'm working on at the moment) along with information for those of you who would like a printed copy! (i'm getting it to the printers on wednesday, so I should get it a week or so after that)

Anyways, a big thank you to all of you who felt that this comic was worth some of your time. You guys are awesome.



Wise Ookami: haha you were right;)
I'll upload another page tomorrow so don't yell at me for stopping at this moment okay^^


Wise Ookami and Drakanor Dream: Thank you guys that means a lot! I'll get some kind of ordering system working once I get it printed^^ If only one person orders this online it will still have made my day/year/life :)


Wise ookami: Really? :O :D That might be possible to arrange;)
Sorry for lateness! I blame working on extra material for the printed version of this comic. So few pages left now.... Almost sad, actually.


Wise Ookami: :D

Lufarea: Haha indeed^^
I got more fanart!^^ This time from my "Kohai" :

Mayelv: Yes^^ thanks!
Wise ookami: Enjoy;)
Lufarea: Approach him when he's not in mad-revenge-mode, And I'm sure your fingers will be fine;)
And we've reached 60 pages! I feel so proud^^
As celebration, I bring you some angsty charlie flashbacks.
sorry for the massive delay my internet is being a bitch.


Wise ookami: okay thanks^^

Lufarea: Haha thank you anyway:P
soo last chapter.

If you have a favorite part of the comic so far, please let me know, I have to find 10 pages from it that I can use in my application for a school...


Lufarea: Almost! ^^
I've gotten myself a Tumblr. Check it out:

...we're getting close(ish) to the end, you guys.

the plan from now on is 5 pages a week. (Ugh this is gonna be difficult) If I don't keep to that I'll miss my deadline and that would suck.


Lufarea: Yes I did feel quite cruel there. I'll have to write some nice things for her later^^
And we're back in buisness! thanks to antibiotics and lots and lots of tea! Also some sleep and watching doctor who.

Anywaay here's some pages that I'm actually quite happy with, for once:)


Wise ookami:Thanks!:)
I was at that party! (is that Kerstin I see?)

um ja det var nog allt jag hade att säga..^^
...I am very much agreeing with this. I haven't got a single pen that doesn't have bitemarks. :D
Sorry guys but I have managed to get myself sick again. Not quite strep throat but going there, so I am under strict orders from the doctor to rest for at least three more days. Which means no drawing whatsoever. And that I have to eat lots of Antibiotic-pills.

Meanwhile, check out these comics, made by friends of mine:
Crazy comic strips about the little things
What starts with a misunderstanding ends with Yaoi...
Yaoi with a twisted side, based on the song Pain by three days grace


Wise Ookami: Thank you, that means a lot <3

Mazzera: Haha, yay^^ kul att du hittade hit! Har nu spionerat på dina serier också;)
3 page update! Be careful so you don't miss anyting.

These pages kind of speak for themselves I think, but you should know there is a lot of thought put into them.
Faye isn't always this grumpy when she's been drinking. However as I'm sure most of you know, drinking when already in a bad mood can be a good way to make it even worse.


Wise ookami: i guess it is:)
I have nothing to say for once :p

Mayelv: I shall try:)
Drawing Danielle with a genuine smile always makes me all warm inside. I've put her through a lot, poor girl.

Also; fun fact: This is the first time we see danielle in clothes that she's acctually bought herself. In the other chapters she was just borrowing things from Faye. All her life she has only worn the uniforms that her social status demanded, so she's secretly very excited about trying other kinds of clothes.