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This would be a painful way to evolve Dx
Finger puppet show with Victreebel ^_^
right in the feelz ;n;
@yo!: oo la la... The Scent of Eden xD
Seeing the art style improving is very nice! And the story is well written
If her left leg comes off, SO HELP ME there better be magical circles and hollowed tin-men running about!!!
@Izzikat also, repel logic - use it pre-rocket, and not post rocket!
How old is izzi?! O.o
Does that mean they're "pod"-inja now? :D
ginger hate is a real thing... T.T
Everyone hyped about the FF ending, I'm just sitting here having flashbacks of the FF intro animation :3
You had me at butts <3
A swampert lifting up a Lairon with ease? xD (stupid logic brain interfering with the adorbs....)
Ps- you are now an inspiration for me to start my own nuzlocke webcomic and I joined smack Jeeves so I could thank you :3
I enjoy how you keep incorporating the burn medicine. I still don't quite understand what exploded tho... Was it koffing?