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Just a lurker planning a comic in the future
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Crys got real buff
All that running around Kanto burned off a few pounds
I wonder if I'm looking too much into it

But why is Charizard on the Rocket side?
Here are my first three catches
Decided to draw how this journey began
Really? Cop Lawrence?

Anyways, this badge was hard to get

But I pulled through

That Ghastly was hard as balls
Poison Gym for the first Gym?

That's just horrible!

Good thing Rinna had pickup
Second Rival Battle
The first one with VI Lan using Mareep went horribly and I almost lost the nuzlocke there and then

This time however, I whooped the floor with him
Part 2
I'm having trouble with Smackjeeves 500kb limit
Here's to catch up
So this is where I start the comic but not the journey

But here's the team I have so far

Pam the Mareep
Leo the Smeargle
Nanica the Meditite
Rinna the Zigzagoon
and as shown here, Caterpie
On the plus side...
Nina doesn't have to wonder who to box for Zekrom
So awesome.

One of the best artists I've ever seen
Such a cute artstyle

I'll stick to this