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August 27th, 2018
Welcome back! *shrug* Better late than never
Lmao! I actually burst out laughing at that hover text!! A+ RedMari
does luca know anything about his mom or even that commandad knew her?

*also, your store link is missing the tic-, i got sent to a dog food site XD
It's so cool to see how widespread the fan base is!!!
1-Central California, 'merica
2-too many to name but Otayuri, Klance, Reuben/Carter from Crushed, and Scott/Lars/Seong from Griefer Belt are some of the most recent
3- I dunno
@Moro jin: lmao! Sangwoo X jail time made me burst out laughing, so true tho
November 9th, 2017
Ahh! Thank you for the response! Poor Sai looks stressed, but this made me love your characters even more <3!
Sai, if you did move (in the far future for poor Trent's sake) where would you go? And what would become of your house? Also, will you adopt Trent please???
incoming bar fight???
...well that's foreboding...looks like we're in for some more feels and sad times
I dunno why they're so impatient, I like the cute development, it makes a better story
Hush BBY!
Calm down, it's gonna be alright
...and so it begins
lol, I see some serious progression here!
ahh, Wes is so pure,I can't believe he actually said Butt Pirate XD
Congratulations on your upcoming marriage!!!!
GASP *o* REALLY?!?!!
@Guest: Ah!! Thanks! I had no idea!!
Oh, no problem
@KathyJDB: if you view the page on the desktop version, text appears when you hover the mouse over the page. Lol, it'd quote it for you, but I'm on my phone rn😅
@Bookworm5500: but yea Kimmy is sittin' in a big ole tub of jelly
lmao that psa tho >u<
haha,love the hover text. Smoke sticks, not cancer sticks!
@Yuu: same! That boy just slays!