Hoi! I'm Typo1024, but you can all call me KK (my artist name) I like to draw, watch anime and play video games! I am currently still in school (like, high school) but that doesn't stop my from uploading as may comics as I can! Also, my sister has a band called Diet cig! You should really check it out on YouTube! Anyway, peace out!!!
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@Ash2004: the dragons name is fish because chip and him were getting along. And fish and chips.
Oh yeah gotta use those Minecraft cheat codes! (It's an inside joke)
Fish is my favorite character because he's so cute!!!
Maybe just a long hiatus?
I loved this! You did great! (Yea)
@Umbreon/MegaAbsol: I think it's a shadow not a dark aura. But it doesn't matter
And so the story begins!!!
Sorry if you can't read what it says...
Heh. You know, maybe you can get this dubbed on YouTube so more people can see it! It can be a new AU!!! (Alternate universe) like underswap and underfell!!! I think I would come out great! Keep up the good work!!!
Heh, lol
oh shush! your doing great! Keep it up! all your fans are here for you!
before this comic came out I had a Ampharos named Bianca! Convenience, am I right?
I <3 TACOS!!!!!

yay, Benson! it was his first birthday a while ago! so in the comments say happy birthday Benson!!!
yeah! the Wi-Fi here is sooooooooooo slow!!!

it took me forever to upload this comic...
me and my cousins on vacation!!!!
they rented a lake house!

the blue one is me!
it is true, Pokémon is what made who I am today and I am thankful for it!

people make fun of me for it, but they are all wrong and I don't know why they do it but they will pay some day. I will show them all that I am thankful for who I am and that they should be too...
my friend (I'll not say her name) gave me this idea while she was at my house!

this was a great idea, thanks!
thank you thunderthepikachu for the comment! this is my first comment ever, so thanks!!!!!!!