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I speak with actions, not description text boxes.
Fear me.
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Convolution is my bread and butter.
What ho, a foe?
And thus, after many months (not really) of desperate waiting (probably not), my newest page is heretofore released.
Firstly, it must be noticed that Kuru is extremely easy to embarass.
But this is known.
Also, with this page, I introduce a section that I shall, from this point on, refer to as the "Pronounciation Guide". Basically, this a little feature I add because I am bored, and can help you on your way to speaking the fictional language I created for our little purple-haired vixen here.
This page's pronounciation: "Mee sen-nyem."
You know, like spanish people say the "N" in jalapeno.
Now that you know that, I have nothing else to say.
However, it should be known that, as school starts this coming monday, I will most likely be giving you more pages more often, as schoolwork is usually the last thing I do at school.
Until next time, worthless maggots!
Hoho, punny.
Let The Hell-Hounds Sing...
Well, hello again, folks.
Kuru here, with a new page and much happiness contained there in.
I have much to say today, and shall henceforth commence to say it.
Firstly, you should notice that I have stopped being retarded when it comes to the area of page numbers.
Page 12 of Chapter Two is a hell of a lot more annoying to remember than page 18 and, as such, shall be disbanded in favor of the latter.
The second thing you may notice is a slight change in Kuru's features, being that he now has eyelids.
Adds to the character, I think.
And finally, gaze in fear and admiration as I unveil...PROFILE VIEWS!
Yes, that's right folks. My newest step towards giving my mutant characters semi-human features has come! Marvel at the fact that Mey has what perhaps appears to be a nose!
I beat myself up, but I'm really rather proud of this page. Hopefully this'll be the kick-start into the deeper plot areas (holes) and help getting the emotions I intend to toy with ready to be toyed with.
Well, that's that. Hope you guys enjoy!
See, that can't be good.
Update time! Happiness!
I'm especially proud of this page, 'cuz of some of the lighting and shadows here, as well as the fact that the last panel came out with Meyami looking very, very good.
In my personal, and therefore most important, opinion.
By the way, in that last panel, that's a bit of blood dripping from her mouth, and on her hands.
It's hard to see, because it gets smaller and a little washed out when I scan it.
Thanks for reading again, filthy masses!
This nibi person makes me happy inside, and has prompted me to finally get into my deviantart account.
As the title states, I have finally updated this god-forsaken comic, because my scanner was actually unplugged, because my father was retarded.
Still, this page is mostly filler anyway.
Kuru out.
When I commit, I am committed. Heh.
And yeah, the next game...I'd like to see how long THAT'S gonna be in the making. XD
This is what happens when you write as you go.
'Ey, folks.
Here it is, page nine o' chapter dos.
Sorry it took so long in the making, those of you who care; a good chunk of time was spent making a move chart for the flash game I'm not going to make it into.
But hey, I knew that already.
Also, I should let you know that this coming Tuesday, I am heading to the wonderful world of Washington D.C. on a school trip. As a result, I will either be putting an insane amount of work into this thing or none at all over the next week.
Kuru out.
The day has come!
Unlined paper has been achieved, comrades! And boy does it ever look tasty. No longer shall the complaints of tiny blue lines of death plague my mind!
Oh, and just because my drawings are round and cutesy doesn't mean I can't have Sanosuke cuss it up a bit.
Fear me.
Photobucket is my evil henchman.
That's why this page, overall, looks so nice and smooth.
However, I have also discovered that the internet, in conjunction with my computer, is Satan, in that I just spent about an hour trying to fix that ONE LITTLE LINE in the last panel without paint f%*king up and destroying the resolution.
Yeah, I'm a little manic right now. But if you can ignore that little glitch, all will be well.
Also, unlined paper comics are coming. Rejoice!
Bunch of geniuses, you guys are.
I am in medical need of more Spoons.
Truth be told, I'm not entirely sure WHAT'S causing that crappiness of image.
It's not a higher resolution, I'm pretty sure.
Very temperamental, my computer is.
Here we are, folks, page six of chapter two, which basically consisted of just drawing Meyami over and over and OVER AND OVER AND OVER AGAIN.
But that's fine by me.
Also, know that I am looking into why the separate pages look so odd... as you can see, this one looks really scratchy and granulated.
It's probably got to do with the fact that my printer is crap.
You foolish fool!
It's a hologram room.
Yeah, that's it.
What?! She's fun to draw!
Alright, another page pumped out of my mind.
I've got shadows. Yay.
Aww, ain't she cute.
Right then!
That was fast. Actually, that was rather the fastest page I've gotten done so far.
Let's hope this is a trend.
Aaaaaanyway, this comic also marks the advent of my first visibly sexual panel.
Hurrah for me!
Wow, man. You've got a great style, and I like the story (or what I can salvage of it) so far. Keep up the good work.
Uuuurrgh, finally got this page done.
Working on my other comic took longer than I thought.
Also, I just noticed how granulated the image looks. Hm.