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Ah to see you updating a comic reminds me of the good ol' days...XD
Happy New Year SC
You're confusing Airman's Weapon with Tornadoman's weapon there. Tornado Blow (MM9) blows all enemies (except bosses and mini-bosses) off the screen by creating many tornadoes, whilst Airman's weapon (MM2) merely blew 3 tornadoes at a time.
If my memory serves me well, Ditto is neither Male nor Female, even after transforming into a one gender-only Pokémon like Jynx.
Ditto is of the 3rd or 4th gender and I assume that Ditto is either a hermaphrodite or something similar that has both Male and Female aspects...This would explain why Dittos can breed with both Males and Females...
(Ah, truly the Pokémon are a shining example to us that love knows no bounds...)
This new King really his methodology...
They both look so cute! Awesome work as always!
Ultimate Punishment!
Heh, instant 5!
This comic has been mindblowingly awesome and this strip made my jaw fall to the ground. This is truly a brilliant series!
Run Chao! Run!
Awesome, an update! Glad to see it hasn't died! *Also does the Kirby dance*
Awesome way to do the 200th comic! We can only hope it lasts another 200 comics or more ^_^
Give it time everyone...their fatal mistake looms ever closer...
Yay! Update!
I love how calm Dr. Light is about this.
The last panel cracks me up.
Awesome comic!
Just wanted to say that this is an awesome comic with a very intresting plot.
Oh, and may I have a minor Cameo of some sort please? The sheet is unfinished, but here it is:
It's the first image on the left. I would use a direct link, but it shrinks if I do that.
I'll PM you the blog if you are using HoKaze no Flames.
Sorry to geat about the multiple corruption. I hate it when files are corrupted!
Wily is in a very bad position right now...
It was revealed many comics ago that Metal Sonic and the Yellow Devil were pretending to be Amy and Roll whilst the real ones where in the scientists' fortress.
Heh! It's all so true! Nice work!