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A broke college student
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    Vivi V.
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Yay! So happy you're back. I love this comic <3
I found my favorite page. *_*
September 20th, 2019
I'm sweating rn
August 27th, 2019
Heavy shit, dawg :(
Ugh, Andy's such a total babe.
Definitley feels like an acid trip. The double identical frames of Izzy are something I can relate to while I was tripping on acid
Make this into a manga pls
Yes I'm pumped too 🥰
YEEESSSSS!!!! I wanna see more kisses please <3
OMG flirting
Is that blonde guy an alpha as well?
I once got away with being drunk in front of my parents after coming home one night. Though, i think my dad knew but didn't say anything. If amber plays her cards right i think she can get away with it.
I really love this comic and I'm excited to see where the plot goes. However, I noticed that there are some errors in the dialogue. (ex: "Of cause" in the last panel should be spelled as "Of course.") If you needed help editing and checking your dialogue to sound more natural and flowy, I'd love to help.
Okay omg I feel like Rio wants Adrian just as bad I mean who just DOES THAT ajkjsdksdkla
I agree with @SoIitude

Though the plant was in the previous panel, it's placement directing behind 'mom' as well as the angle of the last panel that is possibly foreshadowing. Just my analyses; I've reread this and noticed the author includes clever foreshadowing.

I can't wait to see what unfolds :)