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A broke college student
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    Vivi V.
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Yes I'm pumped too 🥰
YEEESSSSS!!!! I wanna see more kisses please <3
OMG flirting
Is that blonde guy an alpha as well?
I once got away with being drunk in front of my parents after coming home one night. Though, i think my dad knew but didn't say anything. If amber plays her cards right i think she can get away with it.
I really love this comic and I'm excited to see where the plot goes. However, I noticed that there are some errors in the dialogue. (ex: "Of cause" in the last panel should be spelled as "Of course.") If you needed help editing and checking your dialogue to sound more natural and flowy, I'd love to help.
Okay omg I feel like Rio wants Adrian just as bad I mean who just DOES THAT ajkjsdksdkla
I agree with @SoIitude

Though the plant was in the previous panel, it's placement directing behind 'mom' as well as the angle of the last panel that is possibly foreshadowing. Just my analyses; I've reread this and noticed the author includes clever foreshadowing.

I can't wait to see what unfolds :)
FUCK that shit!
Rereading this comic for the second time <3

This is probably my favorite page.
February 22nd, 2019
I'm dying for the next update
February 6th, 2019
I'm so glad this comic is back! Yayy!
January 24th, 2019
This comic is phenomenal... truly phenomenal. The art, color scheme, writing, everything is on point <3

It's also giving me allegory of the cave vibes.
Oh no worriea I wasnt insinuating anything I was just merely curious~
Looking forward to the next update!
Are they in college? Just curious~
Alpha is hawt