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my name is Jazmin :)
i love to write and draw. im just getting into drawing but i have been writting for a while. i can write comic scripts for you if you want :)
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val looks so kool in the last panel!
i dont think its very cute
the black marker messed it all up!!!!

*cough* *cough*

so yeah.....i rlly kno where im going with this so can someone draw the next page??

thats an arm btw
this is my character....she kind of haunts the new house....and i kno this looks different then my usual style but im trying out different styles until i find the right one for me

Name: Cassiel
Age: looks 17 is actually 200
Status: Single [denies that she wants someone]
Bio: Cassiel was a prostitute in England, she was shipped to America, killed in a mansion by her love [Natasha], haunts the mansion ever since...

EDIT: those r sparkles on her shirt just to let ya kno
im posting my new character in a little bit, maybe later today........does it feel any different now that its 2008??

YOU CANT DO THAT ON NEWYEARS!!!!!!!!!! ^&$#$^@^*&$&#$@!#$%$#%$@#$^*&#%&*(*&^%#$Y%U^%(^*&%$#%$^ (^$*&^%$$%^&*^%$#@!@#$@!#%$&!@&%$^$%*&*^$


yepp.... Wednesday is just getting to Lily Manor..... this is the last page im drawing b/c i dont kno whos going to open the door for her.... and my scanner isnt working that good right now so this was scanned on my friends scanner
this is Wednesday!!! she's a suke.... i started drawing random characters on 1 of my babysitting jobs and i really liked her because she's like awesome... her hair is black,,,,, i just only had a red crayon to draw with... and yes that is a scarf, i just suck really bad
and by the way she's bipolor aka moody

EDIT: yes i called her a suke because she's more uke then seme [i just messed up actually but im good at making excuses =P]
i drew this inn what, 5 seconds??
blah, just something that poped into my head
Happy Holidays!!

i wont be able to post that must until after new years... i hav way to much stuff to do... and my mom is going on a diet which means that all the food in the house is now tofu
bleh!! so that means i'll be out of the house as much as possible.... i hate tofu
YaY twincest!!!
im good with it ^.^
we all miss sailormoon =[
my brother loves sailormoon *wink*
wait, so do i...
theres just something about sailormoon that makes it look like not a kids show...
small rant but w/e
soooooo the pokemon thing is going to take a while ^.^'
oh and un-like Alia, i have blonde and brown hair and i have a steady gf (hehe sorry Alia)

EDIT: OMB!!! i cant believe this collab already has #200 pages!!!!!! :O
i want french toast now but i cant hav grain (stupid god damn allergies!!!) :[
i like Tamao and Nagisa too, its a cute couple ^.^'
yeah... im going to do one of these group thingys (its going to be pokemon) but i dont no what everyone would be as a pokemon -.-'
OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG!!!!!!! Strawberry Panic is AWESOME!!!! Alia ia Tamao??

Alia: Sweet!! thats actually one of my favorite characters in SP!!!! too...
OMG!! rlly??
kewl... i wanna draw us lily girls as pokemons...

i would so start drawin right now but i haves to go to beds