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No early release from the Tyranny of Overwatch
You shouldn't play games at home all the time. You need to get out once in a while... to play games.
but does Jasper want people to be able to find him on a banner?
What kind of cat is Torq then?
Has Gail changed powers to making the world more colorful after sleeping with a tabby?
camping in the new apartment? Who's that knocking at the door?
Did you find everything you wanted?
Now, how much time has passed in the comic?
Will Gail make more duplicates of the ring? Unless it was extra draining it would seem to be an obvious thing to try.
Went to up my pledge and the KS is cancelled early? Are you starting over with MV?
unless her power changed again, Gail has all the knife she wants to copy
How goes the job hunt? Find any TV/movie jobs where you throw yourself from rooftops?