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Competitive powerlifter who likes mma, surfing and riding motorcycles.
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I competed at a bench press meet this past weekend to help raise money for the National Kidney Foundation.
I've done a Meet The Artist comic before, but never a Meet The Powerlifting Fairy.
I'm currently in my deload phase this week and I hate it.
I've been doing the Juggernaut powerlifting program recently. I'm totally guilty of skipping all the deload phases.
I think there are advantages and disadvantages to being a socially awkward, softspoken introvert... but mostly just disadvantages. On a completely different note, I had my first Irish Car Bomb this past weekend over at The Tilted Kilt in Moreno Valley. It was delicious!
Conversations by the chalk bowl are the strength sport equivalent to conversations by the water cooler in an office setting. Anyways, I was asked by a fellow competitor if I had a special diet that I go by. Nope, I just try my best to avoid fast food and control my portions. Everything in moderation.
It happened again, this time while competing at the annual Ivanko Muscle Beach Power Lift-Off at Venice Beach. I think that the proper use of chalk vs baby powder is a serious issue and needs to be addressed during the rules briefing. Chalk is for grip. Baby powder is for turning your thighs into a majestic slip n slide for the bar before deadlift attempts. ?
I'm helping out a friend by doing a competition this weekend that I hadn't planned on competing in. It requires me to cut down to 132lb on short notice. My stomach is growling at me as I type.
While having lunch this past weekend, I spotted Ronda Rousey's doppelganger. Also, I'm often quite shy and reserved, but I can become a bit chatty and more prone to speaking my mind after a few drinks.
Whiskey and Onion Rings.
Pizza seems to be a recurring theme.
I had to pee in a cup.
This is the second time I've seen this happen at a meet. Baby powder goes on your thighs for deadlifts, not chalk. The idea is you want to turn your thighs into a majestic slip n slide for the bar to slide upon. Baby powder allows this.
Doing a comic recap this week of my experience at USAPL CA State Championships. Tuesday's comic. Even before I started powerlifting I was often told that I'm a lot stronger than I look... In martial arts, it always worked to my advantage.
Slightly informative and slightly humorous comic about steroids.
When your friends help you defy authority.
I was wondering what it would be like if every powerlifting federation started drug testing.. and I don't mean voluntary drug-testing or only certain meets have drug-testing. More like, "Surprise! You have to pee in a cup today or forfeit your medal" kind of random drug-testing.
Auto-correct once turned "romanian deadlifts" into "romantic deadlifts" and it made me wonder what the heck that would even look like. I think it just likes to screw with us sometimes. I once tried to type "amphitheatre" and got "armpit hat".
I've been craving corn dogs lately.
I attended Wondercon this past weekend and wondered what it might be like if I ever tabled at one... assuming I had a decent following and merchandise to sell.