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I'll think of something later.
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No one has the same definition of success. "Making it" to me could mean something entirely different to you. I would be incredibly happy just putting my comic out there and knowing people are enjoying it and following it. Money's not a factor in success to me. If I make money off of what I do, great, but I'll define myself as successful if I know that my comic is giving people entertainment and joy. Everything worth it takes some kind of sacrifice, but it doesn't have to be incredibly drastic. It just has to make you happy.
Sorry, little scribble in mspaint because I wanted to direct you all to the latest news post. Unfortunately, no it's not the amazing news that My Utopia is relaunching (not yet anyway), but it might be something you're interested in!
If you really want something, you'll find a way to do it. Trust me. Might not be RIGHT NOW, but it can still happen.
If you're truly that depressed, then no amount of "sugary goodness" or napping will help. Venting is good, which is what you're doing, but if you find yourself not getting out of this rut, then I'd suggest consulting a therapist. Some therapists are robotic and don't do much to help, and others feel more like friends and people who care about your well-being. It took me a while to find a therapist like that, but he gives me the push I need without treating me like patient #435, and he helps me out whenever I'm feeling depressed and helpless.

All that to say that depression doesn't have to be handled alone and it shouldn't, since someone who's depressed will beat themselves up more than they'll try to talk positively to themselves, and that's why seeing someone about it to help reinforce you and put you back on track is something you should consider.
I know dat feel. Just keep at it, and keep doing what you love and you'll find your answer. I suggest talking to people who have made it in the storytelling business and learning how you can do it yourself.
I totally understand. My problem is that I overthink so much, and that's due to my high anxiety issues. In all honesty, the true, absolute "cure" for this is to stop feeling sorry for yourself. I've yet to reach that point, but I've grazed it before. It's just to stop saying "I can't because this is how I am, and how I am won't let me be who I want to be", and to start saying "I'm gonna be the person I want to be".

For some people, it's exercising, and getting that body they've always wanted. For others, it's to stop being afraid and take chances, etc. Getting through it is good. Getting over it and becoming better is the solution, though. If who you are makes you unhappy, then stop being who you are, and find a better you. It's easy to say it, and that's why I've yet to reach that point, but I know that all I have to do is start working on it, as soon as I know exactly the kind of person I want to be.
I have a ton of fun critiquing stupid parts of games, even if I enjoy that game. More than half of my fun comes from making fun of stuff. I can't say many people appreciate that aspect of me lol.
Man, I hate that shit. When I used to go grocery shopping with my mom, she'd always tell me to put something we don't want anymore in the wrong isle, and she never let me put it back in its right place.

My mom made me a horrible person, but my girlfriend forces me to put stuff back where it belongs so it all evened out.
I feel like this is something I would have done.
But smashing the phone like that is a little excessive lol. She couldn't ask for some help?
Oh god. I'm not afraid of spiders, but I am DISGUSTED by spider webs. The feel of them is dsdl;sdfsd';.
Haha oh man. If I did that to my girlfriend, she would never give me the kiss for the whole day. Either you're really lenient on him or I have a very punishing girlfriend lol.
What kind of job did you get? And who hasn't heard of Wreck-It-Ralph!? That's a crime right there. I'm still waiting to see it, unfortunately. I want to watch it with my gf but she lives pretty far, so we're waiting for a DVD release to watch it together but I can hardly wait hnnnngh.
I know dat feel brah. :c

But hey, you have some great things to come home to, right?
Did you decorate your place? Cause over here, you're not allowed to knock on someone's door on Halloween unless they have at least one decoration and your lights on.

I wish I could've celebrated Halloween this year, but we're moving so it made it impossible to do anything. Go out there and force that candy onto people!
My cat literally puts his paw in ANYTHING with a hole in it, and licks up whatever's inside. It could be rat poison and he would still shove his paw in there and lick it off.
It's a good thing we don't drink alcohol lol.
I have this problem where I can't do ANYTHING unless there's a video playing in the background. I could have the whole screen to draw, but nope, I need to have a video playing to even work on it.

It doesn't work that well. My entire day is full of nope
Benefits of having a small dog: Can sleep in bed with you without hassling a boyfriend/girlfriend.

Lol too bad I won't get that luxury. /cantlivewithoutbigdogs
Oh man, we get a fine of like 200 dollars here if we don't pick up after our dog lol. Picking up poo is totally worth keeping that money in your pockets.
Lol if it was less fluffy, I would've guessed it was a pug. XD

Hell with eyes like that, it might's been a pug mix! While looking at rescue dogs on petfinder, I found this horrible disfigured dog (disfigured by pug DNA, that is!) He's so derpy it went from ugly to cute.
You really don't lose anything by trying kickstarter, though. I've seen a lot of "unpopular" kickstarters get funded. All you have to do is try. Just make sure the incentive for donating is worth it.