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Loving it already
Both guy and girl are kinda hot
Nuuuuu your art and story are awesome and it's so great keep it up please it's so good
Omg yay I've been waiting so long I missed this so much yay keep it up I love your art and comic it's so gud thanks??
rebel dog
aaaannnd roll credits
I knew it ive been waiting for this
i freaking love the bunnies
aww poor guy everyone has had a shower like that its not a fun time
well straight up fuck this bitch
best page ever
@LittleMissWissy: sorry that we spammed your comments
did you get it?
give me your name ill try to find you
@NekoSeiboy: my name on ps3 and ps4 is jason112usa
I'm a bit new to it how can I msg you there?
do you have skype?
ps3 ive been playing since it came out
@NekoSeiboy: yeah lol that says a lot that car was so slow
well yes I understand but that's not a new car its old so really your only looking at maybe 14 or 15 grand
@NekoSeiboy: yo have respect that is a badass classic car