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Loving it already
Both guy and girl are kinda hot
Nuuuuu your art and story are awesome and it's so great keep it up please it's so good
Omg yay I've been waiting so long I missed this so much yay keep it up I love your art and comic it's so gud thanks??
I knew it ive been waiting for this
i freaking love the bunnies
aww poor guy everyone has had a shower like that its not a fun time
well straight up fuck this bitch
best page ever
best page ever!!
April 16th, 2017
@Tuxie: 600 pages whoohoo
happy 100th page
April 13th, 2017
I love how he walks in and its his kid on top of another boy
hahaha that's awesome
hahaha that's awesome
I love all your comics and I don't think people say that very much to you from what I can tell so btw love your comics and art keep it up
so cute btw love your comics and art
leave it uncensored
how old are you?