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I write fanfiction under the name of KarmicRetribution at and at AO3. I like to read, write and draw.

Just someone who doesn't know what they're doing with their life, but I feel like I have a story to tell, and I think it's worth sharing.
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I love how in the last panel she looks like a muppet! XD
Please ignore the weird dimensions. I’ll try to fix it tomorrow, but today I’m busy.
Still Kickin’
Hey guys, look! It’s traditional art. I appreciate all of your comments!
Frisk stole Patience's bed. And when I say stole, I mean Toriel gave it to Frisk. Patience did not protest. Patience does not say much.
Back to your regularly scheduled Author's Comments
Yay! Back to comic updates! Someday, in the far far future, I'll change the previous couple of pages into comics.
Back to your regularly scheduled Author's Comments
Yay! Back to comic updates! Someday, in the far far future, I'll change the previous couple of pages into comics.
The human’s grin widens at the reciprocation of friendship, or the very least a partnership, though it doesn’t quite reach their eyes. “What’s your name, by the way?” They ask.

The ghost sits cross legged in the air, one hand firmly placed on their knee and the other with their thumb pointed themself. “My name is Chara. And you, my fleshy friend? What shall I call you?”

The human frowns slightly at Chara’s less than appealing nickname for them. “Frisk. You can call me Frisk.”

Chara hmms and leans back, looking up at the ceiling, as if thinking over the name. “Frisk huh. Suits ya.” They level a red eye at Frisk, the other closed in a mock imitation of a wink. “It’s also strange and small.”

Frisk doesn’t even deign to retort, simply huffing quietly and getting back to examining the room like before Chara’s comments had proven too much for their nerves, and they had confronted the ghost. Chara smirks, and lazily floats around the room, being mostly quiet for once. Occasionally, they would comment on various items that Frisk would look at, though they are not as biting or mocking of Frisk as they were before.

Toriel comes back; to check on them, and to let them know the food is ready. She must have started making it as soon as they got to the house, since she had been with them throughout the whole tour of the Ruins. At least the whole of the Ruins that was on the way from the hole they fell down, and the house.

Coming out, Frisk is followed by Chara, who since the fight with Flowey, doesn’t seem to leave their side. Patience is already seated at the table on the side. The chair on the furthest end is huge, so Frisk takes a seat in the chair on the other end.
Patience glances over, but doesn’t say anything. They’re still wearing the dirty overalls and yellow shirt they were wearing before, their face and hands are much cleaner. Frisk doesn’t say anything to them either.

From the kitchen area Toriel brings out a huge pie. It seems fresh from the oven, but Toriel holds it in both hands without an oven mitt.

“To commemorate your first night here, I decided that we’ll skip snail pie and just have some butterscotch cinnamon pie!” She says cheerfully, cutting Frisk a slice. So that’s why she had been asking whether Frisk preferred butterscotch or cinnamon on the walk through the Ruins. Frisk had chosen cinnamon, and Chara had muttered something about cinnamon pie being a ‘dry unholy mess’. Frisk guesses that Chara doesn’t really like cinnamon.

“I know you asked for cinnamon my child, but I also had some butterscotch, and I just knew that you would like it if you just tried it!” Toriel says, smiling sheepishly. Frisk glances over at Patience, who has already started digging in. They don’t notice the way Chara’s face darkens over Toriel’s words.

Frisk tentatively tries it, then looks up at Toriel with a shocked expression on their face, before they quickly dig in like Patience did. Toriel laughing and clasping her hands together. “Oh, I knew you would like it!”

“Ah yes, nothing like some butterscotch cinnamon pie.” Chara says drily, bitterly watching Toriel watch Frisk and Patience eat, a motherly expression on her face.
I really like reading your comments, even if I don't respond
Storyline Update
The ghost seems surprised at the question, taken off guard. They blink down at the human, who’s looking expectantly up them in turn, one arm nervously holding the other. It’s a stark difference to the defiant way the human stood with their arms crossed moments ago.

Rather than answer right away, the ghost looks over to the light blue dresser. “Well…” they start, picking up a red picture frame that had drawn their eye, mulling over their words. They look at the picture, which shows a smiling Toriel, and the human Patience. Patience is even smiling shyly at the camera, instead of the blank look they’ve been sporting since the ghost spotted them in the doorway of the Ruins.

"I didn’t think anyone could see me.“

"I mean,” They throw their arms up in exasperation, becoming more animated as they grow more agitated, "I’m a freaking ghost! And not the Monster kind either!” The human looks confused by that, but is ignored by the ghost. “No one would talk to me, like you said, and I figured, given previous events, that I was dead! I mean, I’m probably still dead. So why not just say whatever I want, huh? I was…” they lower their arms down, and look at the picture again. “I was upset. So I lashed out. And it amused me to say those things. Especially to you. Because you’re just a stupid human, and it was easier to mock you than to think about what all this meant.”

The picture frame slips through the ghost’s fingers, but the human catches it, and puts it back. “Even if I’m just a stupid human, I can hear you, and I still have feelings.”

“Look, I already sai-"

“That you didn’t know that I could hear and see you, yes, I know.” The human plucks at the frayed edges of their poofy sweater sleeve. “But, I can. So, you’re not alone in this. If you want, we can be friends? Neither of us have to be alone in this. We can stick together. Is that alright?”

The human holds their hand out to the ghost, smiling hopefully.

The ghost looks them over, and down at the offered hand in surprise. Scoffing, and with a small smile of their own, they put their hand in the human’s hand, which can be seen through the ghostly flesh. “Alright, deal. Friends it is.”
Busy Author is Busy
I hope to remake the next few updates at some point in the future, but I just finished up classes and my standing in them is still uncertain, so I was not feeling up to it. Also why I haven't put any new updates into this site. Thank you all for your Patience.
This comic was very funny!
Oh. Guess I'm going to get my question answered.
How does one even control sound??? What does that mean?? Like, is there a remote control that he just points at her and turns down the volume or something???
I wonder what she was going to say?
@LovedDarkLonelinessEevee: No, thank you! This comment means a lot to a struggling creator like me ^^
Hubris of (Wo)Man
@LilBruno: Pfft. Almost eight years later and it still hasn't happened. Not saying that you should but it is funny seeing that comment. It definitely adds to my appreciation of this page.