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Gold Karma Dragon
I write fanfiction under the name of KarmicRetribution at and at AO3. I like to read, write and draw.

Just someone who doesn't know what they're doing with their life, but I feel like I have a story to tell, and I think it's worth sharing.

Ever look at old art that you did and wince. That’s how I feel about my life. Even just a day ago. Yikes. What a train wreck. Who left this person in charge?
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    Nunya Business (Named for my father, Mr. Business)
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@Yuria: Thanks for noticing that!

And I'm glad you like it!
Happy New Years! May this one be better than the last!
Hope you guys are having a swell new year!
Oh no! She's dead!!
The contrast in their sibling relationships never fail to amuse me.
For the Bravest and Silliest
Thank the monsters in my BASEment for helping me realize that I forgot to upload this page! Yikes. You know who you are you gremlins.

Anyways, next update should be on time! And I’ll try to do a little festive image, but no guarantees! I am writing this half a week before Christmas (not that I celebrate it) and I haven’t even the foggiest idea of what to do. Maybe I’ll make a News Post asking for help for brainstorming. I guess we’ll know whether I do so by the time this is spit out of queue!

If not, then this is my gift to you, my audience! Happy holidays!

No refunds.
Jackie's very tiny hands are going to kill me with cuteness,
Derek you butt I love you
I trust that smile.

Pfft! Hehehe, I love the pacing of your pages! They add to the humorous affect of this comic!
That place looks scary.
Hahaha, your poses are so dynamic!
I also guess on a lot of things, Jackie.

It's why I failed school.

Don't be like me, Jackie. Stay in school. Maybe then you'll learn how to read (the fine print.)
Seems like Val *does* mind.

Jackie should too.
Val is *very* familiar with Derek's tricks.

And so done with his bs XD
Ha! The snark!
They seem mad. Derek seems annoyed. Jackie is as confused as always!
Very nice scenery work!

Wuh-oh, someone new.
Pretty sure that castle is floating. Mind you don't fall off the edges, dear.
I met Derek just wants Jackie to kill the spider that won't leave his shower or something he just doesn't want to do himself.