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Gold Karma Dragon
I write fanfiction under the name of KarmicRetribution at and at AO3. I like to read, write and draw.

Just someone who doesn't know what they're doing with their life, but I feel like I have a story to tell, and I think it's worth sharing.

Ever look at old art that you did and wince. That’s how I feel about my life. Even just a day ago. Yikes. What a train wreck. Who left this person in charge?
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    Nunya Business (Named for my father, Mr. Business)
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Sorry guys.
I think of things to say and then any and all author's comments vanish from my head as soon as I go to upload

Sorry for the late update peeps
This comment won't make sense til next week

Buuut! I forgot I didn't upload this, on top of having forgotten yesterday's update! So here it it! The update!
Look at me! I'm posting! Sorry folks! Had this done, went to post them didn't for some reason and forgot. So sorry folks!
@Yuria: Haha thanks! I enjoyed imagining it then drawing it!
Scoot scoot
The second time we've seen Patience smile in this comic, and once again it's only in a photo. (In case you forgot, the first time is on a single page in chapter one, in a picture that Chara picks up. Then drops.)

Who's finishing hours before the update schedule dictates? I am.

To be fair, one of my younger brother's graduated *and* it was my older brother's birthday. Double whammy! I'm so proud of both of them. One for existence and one for being valedictorian.
Raise of hands
Who else thought Patience was charging *at* our protagonist, not past them?

Leaves are a pain, thank you very much.

I hope you are all well. Happy Pride!
I realize I messed up this morning in my rush to upload. I hope you all still enjoyed the page! It should now be properly oriented and titled.
@LovedDarkLonelinessEevee: Happy Chrism to you too!

(Five months later >.>)
@Yuria: Aw, thanks!!!
@Yuria: I'm glad you don't mind!

I hope that means that the art and content make up for it ^^"
@Guest: Dang, too bad you're a guest, I don't know how to credit you! That's funny XD

I feel called out right now
Woah, what! Another update! Two weeks in a row!

Let's hope this keeps up!

Imma be real with you guys, I'm going to be quitting my job next, oh wait, this week, so I don't know if I can guarantee an update come next Monday. But! I'll try. At the very least I'll outline the pages, which is what I struggle most with. (Aside from actually lining and coloring them. So basically the whole thing is hard.)

But please enjoy Chara dancing the chicken dance, this is the best comic in my opinion because of it, and it was a spur of the moment decision too! Inspired by a last minute tweaking in the dialogue which was a very important change, yes yes.
Heyo look at this. A page!

Yay! If this is all there is, I didn’t come back to add more of my thoughts.

Lucky you guys.
I’m alive!
Oh wow, new update! April fools! (And it wasn’t even on purpose :P)

Alright, I’m going to let you guys in on a little secret. Passion only takes you so far. I got passionate about this, but then it fades and I’m left without a buffer, or it fades cause I do have a buffer and I get complacent. I promise things will get different, but then it doesn’t. So rather than make a promise without foundation, I’ll just try to get better and then see how we go from there.

Also, look at baby Patience dance! Yes this is indeed our grumpy looking ten (nine? Some age) year old silent pro-antagonist to Chara, our antagonistic-protagonist. This is them at a happier time, honestly. Not to say that they aren’t happy now, it’s just that, well... You’ll all hopefully see ^_^
@Yuria: Hahaha, thank you for getting the pun! I gave myself a pat on the back for thinking of it!
@Yuria: Glad you agree with Chara's on point observations and that you think Alphys and Undine look epic!
@Yuria: Whaaaat, naaah

*He's* the one who's quoting *me*! Definitely and for sure not quoting the tenth doctor from the first weeping angel's episode I ever saw.


Only 100% original content here in this webcomic!
Hot dang, can I just give myself a pat on the back for those hands? It's been a hot second but I'm still really proud of how those came out!