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Vexel Rei
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This was sweet
Beyond hilarious!
I think Charlie appreciates being able to stay, for reassurance. But Buck also craves a happy Charlie around to feel secure and dare I say, LOVED. They are already acting like a cute married couple♡
I know he's mad, you made a mess!
Good answer, Charlie. Let him tell personal information at his own comfort pressure
Buck looks SO cute! I love that shirt, it fits his character perfectly!
I love the communication/leading! No negativity, judgment, or shaming, he just told Charlie what he likes and Charlie gave it to him. They are so good together! AWESOME SCENE!
Vexel Rei
January 4th, 2018
I'm excited to see more! I love your color choices and art style.
I agree 10000000% IT'S A TRAGIC WARNING of what you shouldn't do in relationships! TRAGEDY!!!
Charlie looks like a happy puppy
Happy 2018 wishes to you! Hope your year is full of laughter, love, financial gains, and creativity! Thank you for a 2017 full of great art and reading♡
Hope your 2018 has lots of LOVE, HAPPINESS, and TRANQUILITY!!! Thank you for all the wonderful updates and being so interactive with readers! 2018 is going to be AMAZING!
He's a gentle giant. She looks terrified, but he's being very careful with her, that's really sweet.
@AphroditeB%W: In the shower means easy clean up! I'm trying NOT to laugh while Seriously, your story progression is great! It's realistic, awkward, and very sweet. Thank you for sharing your creativity♡
Good compromise! Show him the reassurance he needs! Who knows, he might handle the "hard issue" that's growing in your southern region
Poor insecure Charlie! He just needs some assurance and smooches, He likes your lips Buck, dry or cum filled....just KISS HIM!!!!
Merry Christmas!!!! I hope is wonderful and you get to spend time with family and friends♡
This is cute! Merry Christmas♡
He's such an attentive boyfriend! Big ol teddy bear ♡
Chaos in the bathroom! They're so awkward right now, I love it!
I love the connection between the tattoo and wings! He's drawn sexy too