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Hi! My name is Dawlee! I'm a unicorn! My friends might tell you I'm not a unicorn but don't listen to them, they're just jealous. I'm hoping I get to posting something on here... if I don't... oops?
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I'm like the only person in my family that isn't allergic to cats! ;-; I never get to see kitties but they're soooo sooooft <3w<3
@Mccull61: I didn't dislike the commander dude! lol I feel proud -3- I didn't judge da book by its covah! And people call me pessimistic -3-)/)pshhhhh~
@Mccull61: @Nekomata99 : you guys got the song The Only Exception stuck in my head now!!! XD
The moms face lol
I think I feel an interruption coming πŸ€”πŸ˜‘ 🀞🏻Finger crossed it doesn't happen😏
This is THE best page of this comic πŸ˜‚πŸ˜πŸ™πŸ» I swear 😍
@Travelingpooch: every time I see your comments, they match perfectly with your profile picture! I love it!
lol I was gonna say what ladypcp said ^u^ keep it up! I love your art style!
Awe come on! Just gonna leave us hanging?! Just like that?! DX
@Mccull61: omg I have tiny dots!!! I have lots of tiny dots!!! I wish everybody called them tiny dots <3 so cute <3
What tiny dots?
Idk I'm pretty sure Matt will open up to experimenting with different sexual positions... goodness me that sounded way more dirty than I meant. I was only suggesting he may bottom one day... thought I also get the feeling that Levka may be more comfortable as a bottom? No idea and no preference....
You seriously need to make coloring pages for us! Every time I see Levka's hair in b&w I feel the need to color it in with rainbows <3u<3
June 27th, 2017
I think I'm mispronouncing his name lol but the way I've decided to pronounce it is Azaraf lol like Azarath from Teen Titans... "Azarath, Metrion, Zinthos!"
I understand completely. You know that stereotypical middle school 'phase'... it's real and lemme tell ya... it's painful. Though honestly I got a thrill from freaking people out. My family always knew me as the quiet, innocent, baby, but when I turned fourteen(-ish) I went down hill FAST! I literally was obsessed with Jack the Ripped and loved to learn about serial killers and psychological issues. This is also when I got into anime and started watching black butler, attack on titan, and death note. A lot of what I learned back then has come in handy to be honest, but my depression only worsened and it lasted three years. Then I started taking medication and I lost thirty pounds even though I swear I barely move... but it's a confidence booster. I still like my fair share of horror and gore but I'm back to being the quiet, baby of my family... kind of. It's complicated πŸ˜…
@yasha.queen when in doubt check urban dictionary ;)
You're killing me... I'm going to die
They should get either drunk or high and then just make out...

Or maybe I'm reading awkward tension as sexual tension... nah
How you do this?!
They're expressions are the best I've ever seen! You are amazing!
I wish freckles looked as good on me as they do on Gannet D: