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(jk, i usually like queer comics, abd perusr very gay focused ones, eheh.😅
Also pretty pc but ooen, so like, don't be an intollerant dick..... i guess.😛)
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Go ahead Howie. Take a peck.~
How he know how to suck dick so well if he never been with a guy before??
Im sorry but that boy asking if the teacher is thrratening them looks so damn intense. I just imagine him scream while saying that deadlocked with the teachers eyes.
November 15th, 2016
@jflowerlady: Hey, this is truth!
Though i would still hope for reconcilliation between him and his mother.
So is Sooch still figuring out his feelings or is he completely straight and/or not feeling the same? Or is that all to be figured out for later.
Eyyy, can't wait to see them get kinky. I am ofcourse dying for development on Sai's plot but am ecstatic that we finally see Jaren's dad! You know though, i wonder, I mean not anytime soon, but are we gonna see development or story surrounding the various side characters at some point? Like see what goes on in some of their lives? I don't know, i have been thinkin this because when i was looking at one page surrounding the characters that play on the team i saw Leo and Seans antics (i kind of started softly shipping them), but it made me think is there like important story goin on in some of the side characters lives? I can say i find Ian's relationship with Trent have some more history behind it for him to care for his cousin so much.
Ey Sooch doesn't have to feel guilty. Yes he is the reason he was crying but its not Sooch's fault. Y'all gotta learn how to handle rejection. I am not saying you shouldn't feel bad but you can't just flat out blame the person for rejecting you and that person what they feel is most comfortable in regards to the situation.
October 5th, 2016
Yeah, I am so Jaren. It's not that big a deal to us, like it's standard procedure. The kink life chooses you. First time i saw their penises, I was "Yep, that's a penis."
October 1st, 2016
Notice how the situation only became harsh and cruel because he chose to make it that way for her? It was never naturally supposed to be that way. Life is complicated and full of troubles that get in the way and force us to give things up and change, but because that helps us progress. Maybe not progress into our subjective ideas of paradise or utopia, or ultimate efficiency in physical form, or any other primitive ideas like that. But progress as in change. Its part of our nature to change. But that IS fair, it coincides with our nature. All the suffering and pain and unfairness comes from us getting in the way of moving on and getting better so we can progress. Whether its corrupt leaders not allowing their citizens to grow from their struggles and learn from them and reap the benefits from moving on, or societal obstacles not allowing the people to look at things in a new way to help themselves and their situations or to plain learn how to treat each other properly, or its a personal choice of not letting go of something when we can. These constant struggles holding us down with our problems, traumas, or tragedies are our own making. We are meant to grow fron them but we don't allow ourselves to move on and we end up only knowing the tragedy or problem we are stuck in. It stagnates our progression more. Life is fair, its our ideas of a perfect world where we don't have to change or move on and just stay satisfied and continuously happy that are what make things unfair because these ideas are unrealistic and not mature for us, they are not healthy and they cause us to suffer. Ideas like a utopia or some hyper efficient civilization or super advanced bodies are primitive ideas that don't help us progress with our quality of life. So us making it unfair is the only way for it to be that way, because by nature we always have the ability to move on in some way or another.
September 9th, 2016
@CuteMissyCat: Hey can i ask your opinions on a ship between the two, i am not asking whether you think that's what's gonna happen, i am curious of, like, whether you might think its innapropriate or not or like "wrong", know what I mean?
September 9th, 2016
"I don't want him to stop."


This is ruffling my jimmies this teasing is.
September 8th, 2016
Do we need look at the short for this story or does it not really matter in regards to knowing about this story.
September 5th, 2016
@Tuxie: I mean I still want Jaren and Trent together, just also Sai in too. A poly relationship includes multple people in the relationship that is more than two. A healthy one is where they are all aware of eachother, they are okay with eachother, and they are not competeing with eachother for their entire relationship. I mean at first two lovers who are not used to poly relationships might be competitive, then they get used to it and learn to accept eachother. Its even more healthy, mostly a plus, if they all love eachother. Hahahaas.... ahem. But speaking of Sai, I hope we can find out about what happened to Sai's former love.
September 5th, 2016
Oohh shit, I don't think I should, but I ship them. I mean, he's like really close to Sai already, right? And this relationship could work, y'know like a poly relationship, yeah?
These kids must be like, so fucking sheltered. What's so funny about ginger hair? Y'all are witnissing the most dead panned humour right now, these kids probably go home and fuck around on internet forums or drink and listen to shitty screamo. And then the highlight of their days is seeing a girl throwing up or some dude getting a boner in class. Basic people.
I was like half expecting her to casually shake Hiro's hand and slip a condom into it!
When are they gonna drop the bomb that Artlinne is a boy to Julian? It seems like they are willingly letting him be confused every time they hear him call Artlinne a she.
This comic is the death of me! Omfg, just go on your date already!
<p>Remember peeps, if they are not within the four year range, they shouldn’t be dating you! Meaning if you are 16 and they are 19, right on the boundary, then it can be fine. 20 or more they should not be engaging in anything with you. This relationship is perfectly fine and healthy and can work, Jamie and Aiden are fine! I see this have some controversy on tumblr because people don't get its about knowing how to look for the signs of an unhealthy relationship instead of putting a gauge limit on age. Honestly Aiden and Jamie are still close to their teens and to eachothers age even when Aiden is like 19.</p>
@izzywinkle: Isn't supposed to update on Friday's? It's not an early one since this came out on Friday, it's a normal update. Why is it early?