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flint hugs. :'3
@UnwelcomeGuest: *hugs* it's good to hear you (or read you in this case) otherwise. as a text on a page, you read very real. honest.

in the end, we're just dust and particles jammed together in a way that tends to form something conscious and *cough* human. but then we get to meet other piles.... maybe who are like us? which is nice, sometimes. maybe.

this time is nice. what is real is solid, and i like that.

edit: not that i like you suffering, of course. but the conversation. moving on...
@Bloomer: oh I hope that they are alright!
Happy New Year, Greenkrog ^^
so beautiful.
@Seve: It's perfect
Hey, could someone please enlighten me. Is what Lexi said true?

But for what its worth, I think Annie made the right decision. They can definitely bond during shopping.
@GreenKrog: it's nothing ^^ i too have those days anyway. it's really cool to see your art evolve! your style was always your style, and it's becoming/became more refined. and the story is amazing. where would i begin.
awesome foreshortening in panel 5. hey i am really enjoying this comic. gives me hope.
it is really cool to see toni's band mates sticking up for her. and that she's in a band!
@GreenKrog: that's hilarious ^^ i've never heard them called 'grilled steaks' before, but it's spot on!
when people are suddenly accepting after so long, it's oddly painful
hope she's okay!
what a confident selfie ^_^