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Have a safe trip! Don't worry; just take care!
@GreenKrog: hey sorry. perhaps that was trite.

edit: stuff tends to follow a sine wave though. but yeah i get it... stuffs going to continue to get bad, which is precisely where i see it going. for now.
@GreenKrog: oh but you said things *will* get better.
and at the same time watching bree is watching a trainwreck and the resulting fallout. i really really hope annie realizes it. she has to contend with so much. makes me think "ugghhhh."

and i know we're all human, so i really wonder what is underneath the surface. question i ask about almost everyone i meet. what is going on under the hood. does she understand her consequences? does anyone, truly??

edit: the answer to my last question is yes, i am quite sure of it.
also what was bree feeling when dallas killed herself? was her intent to gaslight?

so far she seems transphobic and homophobic, though she herself is dating a woman. but maybe that is not how she sees it? i wonder if i am interpreting this correctly.

it's hella painful, underneath the surface. i will just wrap myself in a cloak of protection +1. aka anime music, apparently..
My only response: wtf.

my second response? wow, i had a reaction ^^.

You, madam, are an amazing author.
i like the mountains picture
Oh no, that green stuff is getting all over.
P's got some talent :3
hey, breaking the silence on mental health issues. hopefully the article is written well and annie saves more lives. i hope. i guess i will find out maybe.
@GreenKrog: hey good song, thanks for sharing
okay i see this one.
this page gives me life :3
Random question, does a vampire's hair grow? Because this guy has amazing hair.
indeed, please take care.

Something about the proliferate ability, but if you're tapped out, you're tapped out.
@GreenKrog: Oh my goodness. How nuanced. Well, thanks for pointing it out.
Bree seems so used to conflict :[