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everyone is adorable!! dang, dude, you have a gift.
how majestic!
how about 'Zio the Active'
rather like this font as well. something expressive about it.
even the undead body XD
@Guest: good questions!
love the sense of movement and atmosphere in the third frame. swear i can hear the wind blowing and feel a chill in the air.
@GreenKrog: the time stamps continue to entertain. thanks for the analysis. it is helpful. happy ++year
Can I regret killing Sasaki,then immediately dying of typhus? Or is it a question of which I regret more? Because, if so, that's a hard call.
December 21st, 2018
yay! welcome back!
Are you doing it by hand?
@GreenKrog: lol very true. well... more specifically than being in range of the internet, a few states in the US have the same deal, although i can't speak for the rest.
@GreenKrog: just use all the nands
that is good to know!
thank you, please take care.
@GreenKrog: lmao

Oh no. That sounds brutal. It was stupid hot here, too. And dry.
We have that here too.

Annie looks absolutely adorable in panel 6. Kind of innocent, yet mischievous somehow.