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@agnosis: don't worry, it's way too adorable
September 15th, 2018
@mj6373: i hear ya. ^^
@GreenKrog: dang, missed that detail. thanks for the clarification.

how long indeed was she in the hospital...

:/ worried about julie, but also dan. he must be the anchor in all this, and that also takes its toll.

i understand if you don't want to do the story anymore. you've done so much. thank you for that :]

btw, i really like annie's expression in panel 4? in particular, but all her expressions are good. i feel like i've really gotten to know these characters, and that's pretty awesome. sometimes artists (and people in general, i think) just need to walk away. so thank you so much for everything :]
September 13th, 2018
@dark_lord_chan: this 100%
September 13th, 2018
@DewOrSomething: beautiful
Hmm who was on the vancouver trip? i can go back and check

edit: looks like it was lexi, julie, and dan. which doesn't really narrow it down.

to me it sounds like julie's voice.
I wonder if Spacewarprincess is right and the metal tin is a bluff. Harsh words. also, could the broken picture of julie be symbolic? What if everything pushed her over the edge? even she is human, and she's been trying to stay strong for everyone for a very long time. the gloves are off, so to speak.

reading back, and maybe i missed something, but i didn't actually see any give the pills to cindi. and if so, it would have been to help, not to kill. therefore, it must be anger speaking in the note. the author (be it any bernt) probably wouldn't truly believe it and therefore i hope they'd be back soon. and how long has the family been gone that the fruit is rotting?
i would so watch an animated show of this.
once again i love the colors. if you don't mind me asking, what kind of paper are you using? looks kinda textured
i hope everyone heard annie and lexi. did they? at least in the front rows?
your author's comment is read perfectly with your avatar.
this sucks so bad and it hurts.

but i am loving how she is standing up for herself right here. and she is absolutely right.
Come now, the colors are amazing! I see things written below the food. Is it one of those awesome restaurants where you can draw on the table?
Woo, I thought I recognized some of those characters!
@GreenKrog: hey sorry. perhaps that was trite.

edit: stuff tends to follow a sine wave though. but yeah i get it... stuffs going to continue to get bad, which is precisely where i see it going. for now.
@GreenKrog: oh but you said things *will* get better.
and at the same time watching bree is watching a trainwreck and the resulting fallout. i really really hope annie realizes it. she has to contend with so much. makes me think "ugghhhh."

and i know we're all human, so i really wonder what is underneath the surface. question i ask about almost everyone i meet. what is going on under the hood. does she understand her consequences? does anyone, truly??

edit: the answer to my last question is yes, i am quite sure of it.
also what was bree feeling when dallas killed herself? was her intent to gaslight?

so far she seems transphobic and homophobic, though she herself is dating a woman. but maybe that is not how she sees it? i wonder if i am interpreting this correctly.

it's hella painful, underneath the surface. i will just wrap myself in a cloak of protection +1. aka anime music, apparently..
My only response: wtf.

my second response? wow, i had a reaction ^^.

You, madam, are an amazing author.
i like the mountains picture