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I am a writer. I am the other part of the friendly rivalry.
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    Roy D Mylote
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Long time, no review.

Sorry, schooling has been gettin' in me way.

What is Zombie Sushi (links page)
Will you tell me how the story ends?
Tiered? Multi-layered?

But other than that, W00t for goodness.
I congratulate the artist for drawing almost exactly like you. I love this page. The horsie is cool.
New site layout: Made of yes.

Keep it, it's the best site layout I've ever seen.

Oh, and Drake's totally gonna use his Jedi Mind powers to convince Joan to see his side of the story.
I like the line in the third panel. So cool.
Hooray for upating-ness! Jay's probably some sort of bird-god thing in disguise.
Pee-hee. Buh. Funny word.
Nifty first couple of panels. I quite like the eye effect. Poo on you for makin' the page too short.

I am typing this from a hotel room using my dad's Mac. I should not have to live like this.
I know I'm about ninety pages late, but, Cerise, that was a brilliant cover story...
For a second there, I thought, in the last panel, part of Joan's face had been ripped off. It had been so long since I'd seen her eye do that, I thought a dragon ate her.
No, they didn't get it. I thought it was a shame.
Now, plenty of your panels have made me giggle like a little girl before, but this one is the first to make me laugh out loud. Laughing out loud, very out loud mind you, while watching Donnie Darko, is not very considerate to those who haven't seen the film before and aren't getting it, so they hit you in the head. Thanks a lot. You got me hit in the head.
Exalting your greatness will commence in 5...4...3..2...1...

Oh my God, this page, so pretty, so pretty, this page, oh my god. I love half-person on the page, I love the background and its beautiful cover, I love the figure's costume color scheme. I love the shaded speech bubbles and I love the way the page is written and if this page were a physical entity I would make love to it.

That is all.
Feel free to initiate the "New Fan Dance."
Dammit. Now you had to go and tell everyone about the red herring thing. I don't feel special anymore.

...What? I have a lot of free time and I read a lot of stories where anagrams are important, okay?
Upon further review, I have decided that the second panel reminds me of The Matrix.
The first panel is enough to make me orgasm. That is all.
You and your icky ol' makin' Roy wait a whole nother few days to read a new comic!
How do you ink this comic?