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Yo Whaddup My name is gamenwatch, and I love smackjeeves I'm also probably do some Sprite comics as well. I love to play video games, and I am a huge Nintendo fan love to see some more awesome Sprite comics boys and girls.
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- Yo I need to know how to draw eyes like that!
Wow what a change of events. But hmm... wouldn't this mean Marx did not throw the 20 away and would throw Panee away and keep the 20?
Mr.Game and Watch
Plz put at least an appearance if Game and Watch. He's my favorite character puh leeze
Evolution ma boys!
Where the heck is Keeby. BTW keep going yout comics are great.
I don't see any characters besides characters on Farm Moon I think.. cane you bring back mario and the others. I missed them
As Kirby and the other clones wonder. They see Mario, Donkey Kong, and the other mario characters in race cars. They stopped their race and in confusion DK pokes the kirbies. Suddenly Rosalina appeared. Bam! Rosalina and Luma launches into battle. That's how the smash bros Rosalina and Luma's trailer went. Lel
I guess this comic is almost coming to an end. Qith Hrace's prediction of the end is near or something and the chapter being called finally. Well if the end is coming. This kirby comic was one of the best kirby sprite comics than all the others. If not Hell yeah!
Yo Luke is so different. He is usually a character full of excitement and think everything is awesome.(sorry) Now he is serious and angry at Kirby sudden change woop woop
Can we see you draw the other smashers and all of them plz?
Aw where game and watch also Goku srsly?
Oh I can see why pin pin likes Kirby since he looks like a kirby character and also helll no Ness didn't die
That looks lile Master Core
If she wants the smasher handprints. What happens when bowser, ganon, possibly little mac, game and watch, R.O.B, Olimar, look lile.
Ah, the inkling... a character evryone wanted... I should stop talking
Ah Shovel Knight, a character that everyone wanted, but never came out.
No way, final destination, omega stage, smashville, town and city and more with no items. That shows true skill of a smasher.
But don't worry Gigi I love all your characters and they all are interesting to read to well the speech bubbles of course.
My favorite 21
These are my top favorite kirbie copies from 21 down to 1. No Keeby or Kirsy or any other just the 21s
Just so you know my own opinion, so swnd away your agreements or disagreements

I know Diego has a lot of potential and he could be one of the strongest yet I feel like he lacks personality. He is not intested and doesn't talk to much. He has strong competeitve spirit although that's the only thing I feel intested about Diego.

20. Raven
After the whole incident with Larry she has been acting more a little out of character. Her attitude "I hate rudeness doesn't show anymore and her paint ability isn't all that shown. She can be an intesting character, but right now I really don't like her that much

19. Leo
Leo has been that type of character who doesn't understand anything and its pretty common. The most intesting thing about Leo is his sidden bursts of wise comments other than that he is not to interesting.

18. Natty
Natty is just like Matt except she can calm down easier and she can act kind afew times. Although her spirit is tough and competitive she is just a meh character. And also I dispise Wing ability, so yeah...

17. Daniel
I consider the fighting trio (Drake, Diego, and Daniel) not really interesting. Drake is of course stubborn and he really wants things his way. He is a solid character and he is considered to portray as most boys.

16. Luke
I used to think Luke was funny until Gigi doesn't use him as much anymore. He has very short dialogue and he thinks almost everything is awesome. Overall he is pretty decent character.

15. Panee
Panee is a typical half villian and half hero. He has been seen most of the occasions and plays interesting roles. The only problem is how the heck did he surpass kirby? I can't believe he caught kirby frickin kirby. He also comes out of nowhere which is strange. I somehow actually prefer Anibal Steve more than Panee

14. Drake
Drake is my favorite out of the trio because of how often he doubts to much. He makes a pretter cool character and I really liked how he trained with King Dedede. Other than that he is really predictable and we know what he will say which are doubts.

13. Daisy
She's one of the most helpful clones out of the bunch, but other than that she's very predictable. She jas a very common personality and its smartness. Even though when most of her inventions were a disaster she made the plot happen. Her sudden nerd bursts are hilarious. Other than that I have nothing more to say.

12. Yan
I thought Yan would be the most interesting out of the bunch, but what made me put him in 12th is because he's very classic. The wise ninja in tv shows and Anime. It became almost its own stereotype in my thoughts ninjas are skillful, wise and quiet.

11. Anny
Gigi I hope you aren't angry Anny is my 11th favorite. Her brags are funny and of course she's training to become better. The problem I have with Anny is that sometimes she doesn't act prideful and sometimes directly acts like what Kirby will do and I though that was Tim's job

10. Tim
Tim is a kirby you kind of feel sorry for next to an Zan. He's pretty shy and may not be able to have many conversations. Hos ability to have split personalities are very interesting and he makes me feel almost sorry to not talk to other kirbies

9. Jake
Jake ia one of the most thankful kirbies. Why? He supports and cares for Zan he always help and given situation and try to do his best. His philosophy is interesting and he's a kirby I enjoy seeing.

8. Matt
I prefer Matt over Natty. Why? Matt's lies are entertaining of course and his backstory is actually pretty intesting while Natty fails to have one. Matt is a character I like to sit back and enjoyseeing him lie. We probably need Phoneix Wright. Matt has my won a spot higher than Natty

7. Valoo
Valoo has been a pretty funny character and has been one of my favorite kirbies. His love of chocolate and the remarks of Panee and Xialoin " Everthing was easy until now" is funny. Valoo will always entertain all of us

6. Dana
Next to comedy is an naother comedy and Dana has been the most funniest characters. Her outbursts and her "precious" really made me laugh out loud. She's one of my favorite character and provides plenty of comedy

5. Percy
Yo-yo is my favorite copy ability, so Percy gets extra. Percy si courageous and has deep determination to do anything. He can get reckless, but his kindness towards other kirby's seen made me smile. He's a pretty decent kirby to hang out with and talk to.

4. Clare
Clare has to be almost everyone's favorite. Her cheerfulnes makes almost everything up and overall she has been a well thoughtout character. She has been shown many times and never cease me to hate her. You just can't help, but to smile with her.

3. Larry
I used to think Larry was kind of a jerk, but now he's a character I feel sorry for almost more than Zan. He has been driven by love and is stuck with depression. His pranks were a little entertaining, but Gigi never cease to amaze me by a sudden change of Larry's personality

2. Zan
Who doesn't feel sorry for him. He has suffered through a lot and I feel like he should be seen a lot more. Zan has been my favorite character well 2nd. His personalities felt boring until his section where the mallow castle incident happened. I feel sorry for him , so much also he is helpful and I can tell his crash will make him one of the strongest characters.

Get ready for No.1

1. Grace
I don't know why, but she's the most strangest kirby ever. She's mysterious and her ability to not talk made her a character that I wasn't expecting. Her alternate version Mary also thinks she's interesting. She has the most complex backstory and she has been the most insightful kirbies out of all. This reason and my unknown reason is why I think Garce is my favorite clone out of all of them.
Y guys
You never gave gardner, and Glowstick their powerup info