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Sup' the name is Gamenwatch. So.... I'm new here and of course I love to read comics here. I'll probably upload handrawn comics. I love video games mostly Nintendo. So.... I'm interested in many games and I'm willing to try to make a good webcomic. You can also discuss Smash Bros, or other games with me. I'm willing to do any kind of Smash Bros discussion.
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Game and Watch all the way ever since Melee. I will never drop the flat RNG man.
But yeah I also play Ness, Luigi, Lucas, and R.O.B
Loved mother, always loved Luigi, R.O.B because I just like how he plays and looks
Top 10 Worst principals
God hates Gays? Nah
So God doesn't hate gays. God doesn't really like the idea of you know being gay. Since he made man and woman to be together. People who say God hates fags. Are just stupid people who don't even know what spreading the gospel actually means. When God loves everyone, he loves EVERYONE. I really try not to force religion onto people because people can believe what they believe, but Rudy's Dad is a big OOF
Tobias is right...... they're both INSANE!!!!!
How'd he find that. Did he stole that from the spaceship
Wow I thought that finger was flipping him off.
Man almost like Danganronpa. You love these characters so much that if they die, you get the feels man.
It's ok.... he reminds me of Galeem anyways.
All because it started out with Keebt leaving after the little Phoenix Wright reference oh well.... he makes a horrible prosecutor anyways..... nah he isn't bad
Kirby acting like a villian...... I don't see it
Whut?? I thought you were the clown from it
So Rudy is Sadistic of something?
Oof Carmelo's mom looks like a creep
Hey what about his allergies.......
Bubbly is the best sound effect!!!
To be honest, I kinda didn't get the lore and to me it was pretty confusing, but I can't wait to see new changes. Good luck and be careful with your health and anxiety.
Tobias Father is not a Cristhian.... he's a sadist. Jesus! Your supposed to love your child not whip, or punish them. Jeez poor Tobias