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Yo Whaddup My name is gamenwatch, and I love smackjeeves I'm also probably do some Sprite comics as well. I love to play video games, and I am a huge Nintendo fan love to see some more awesome Sprite comics boys and girls.
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I completed the True Arena in Kirby Superstar Ultra. Also does this take place after kirby superstar Ultra
My God... I'm with Lux this is top confusing. Jeez I need to read the chaoter again.
- Yo I need to know how to draw eyes like that!
Wow what a change of events. But hmm... wouldn't this mean Marx did not throw the 20 away and would throw Panee away and keep the 20?
Mr.Game and Watch
Plz put at least an appearance if Game and Watch. He's my favorite character puh leeze
Evolution ma boys!
Where the heck is Keeby. BTW keep going yout comics are great.
I don't see any characters besides characters on Farm Moon I think.. cane you bring back mario and the others. I missed them
As Kirby and the other clones wonder. They see Mario, Donkey Kong, and the other mario characters in race cars. They stopped their race and in confusion DK pokes the kirbies. Suddenly Rosalina appeared. Bam! Rosalina and Luma launches into battle. That's how the smash bros Rosalina and Luma's trailer went. Lel
I guess this comic is almost coming to an end. Qith Hrace's prediction of the end is near or something and the chapter being called finally. Well if the end is coming. This kirby comic was one of the best kirby sprite comics than all the others. If not Hell yeah!
Yo Luke is so different. He is usually a character full of excitement and think everything is awesome.(sorry) Now he is serious and angry at Kirby sudden change woop woop
Can we see you draw the other smashers and all of them plz?
Aw where game and watch also Goku srsly?
Oh I can see why pin pin likes Kirby since he looks like a kirby character and also helll no Ness didn't die
That looks lile Master Core
If she wants the smasher handprints. What happens when bowser, ganon, possibly little mac, game and watch, R.O.B, Olimar, look lile.
Ah, the inkling... a character evryone wanted... I should stop talking
Ah Shovel Knight, a character that everyone wanted, but never came out.
No way, final destination, omega stage, smashville, town and city and more with no items. That shows true skill of a smasher.
But don't worry Gigi I love all your characters and they all are interesting to read to well the speech bubbles of course.