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Sup' the name is Gamenwatch. So.... I'm new here and of course I love to read comics here. I'll probably upload handrawn comics. I love video games mostly Nintendo. If you don't get out of here. Nah, just messin' with ya, but i also play a butload of Rpg and fighting games. I'm up for some competitive smash and I wull be ready to work on a comic any day.
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August 16th, 2018
I really did not like Basil from the start all that much, but now I'm beginning to hate him a bit more.
August 16th, 2018
Please don't tell me that's the half pokemon and human flesh.
Trying to not be rude, but you spelled thought with though in the first panel.
This section of the webcomic is confusing me. The black sections, the serious one. Can anyone give me a brief summary of what's happening?
Conri is the best. He's my favorite
Look who's talking. That Fletcher's eyes is like a snorlax or Brock in this case
Dude. I had the exact same thought. XD
The life of pi
June 13th, 2018
Oh Gawd. She's Gonna kill them all
Not to be rude or ruining the mood, but...... would this be legit or Gay
Typo. Just so you know....
CONGRATULATIONS GIGI!!! You came far and wide and is able to overcome odss like making a webcomic. Let you work not be wasted. Again. Congratulations and Hopefully you grew through this experience.
Girl? Boy?
Is that Pickachu a girl or boy? Because I don't see the heart shaped Tail
You should have made the riolu wear a headband an d call him ryu lou
......... Traitor......... Player 2 isn't that nd take Luigi for example.........
Where the Heck is Mario and Luigi? When are they coming back. This comic is called Mario's Day Job for a reason. NOT to be ride, but where the heck are they?!?!
Geez lookin at the snivy's eyes much closer. (Forgot the protagonists name.) That's a lot of detail in here eyes. GJ
Ah!!!!!! A Hippie Gardevoir. Its the 1960s!!! Nah jk. Hmm child........ Gasp its her mother!!! That's my guess
Cue the battle music. Um.... what kind of Kirby boss music would be best in this situation.