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@JetDaGoat: But I wanted to make everyone else use my suggestions
My suggestion didn't make it? Disapointed, Avius Mortuum and Døde Fugler were perfect suggestions
@JetDaGoat: You're welcome, great to hear you liked it

It was pretty nice, desolate on the high mountains, but went on some nice foot tours
@JetDaGoat: No, cake is kinda hard to transfer over the internet
(Sorry for the delay, my family pulled me into a vacation to the mountains)
"What has four thumbs (I think), no discernible features, and is the most reliable material out there?"
So is Amara this equivelant to Arda (the Earth in LOTR) or Eä (the World that Is, the entire universe)?
Next Reaper theme
If you haven't already, listen to Aviators on youtube. Some of his songs would fit amazingly as theme songs for the Next Reaper.
I think the two that fit the best are
No More Heroes
"Hunt the wicked|Chase disaster |In the world our sin has made |I'm not afraid"
"When the sky above us fell |We descended into hell"
"The immortal angel's child"

And Ashes, about a deity who sees the world crumble around her
"When the world burned I faced that task of rebuilding what I made"
"From rise to fall|If I never have to die|Am I alive at all?"

Fading Light, based on Dark Souls might also work
@Piracy: Considering they're all NAMED AFTER THEIR SPECIES that wouldn't surprise me
@JetDaGoat: I can understand swedish and danish perfectly well. (I struggle a bit with finnish, though)
There seems to be a misstake in the order of pages, as page 2 is placed before page 3 and 4
Headcanon: That Audino is actually Jen from Victory Fire
Wah wah waaaaah

I think we should call them Mortuus Avium, or Mortus/Morti (maybe Morty?) for short. It's latin, and means dead birds (latin is a dead language, heheh)

We could call them Døde Fugler, but that'd be weird for the both of us
@JetDaGoat: Wow, virkelig? Hadde ingen anelse. Vel, her er linken, da. Jeg tok feil, foresten, det var Inger Hagerup, ikke André Bjerke
@JetDaGoat: the original (Den korsfestede sier) is even better, though I doubt you read Norwegian?
"Do you take us for fools?"
"Yes, but that is irrelevant"
Grim is just precious on this page
@JetDaGoat: Oh, sorry, I had no idea you took it that way. I seriously mean no harm, and I really love your comic, but I'm really bad at giving criticism. Seriously, I'm really sorry if I'm too negative. It may be silly, but it's creatively silly, I seriously love your comic and designs
This is a silly... Is it a sword? It's shaped like a sword, but it seems to twist around itself, making it more fit for stabbing. And the Hilt is just ridiculously overornated
September 3rd, 2017
Once upon a midnight dreary
While I pondered, weak and weary
Over many a quaint and curious
Volume of forgotten lore
While I nodded, nearly napping,
suddenly there came a tapping
As if someone, gently rapping
Rapping at my chamber door
"Tis some visitor," I muttered, "Tapping at my chamber door. Only this, and nothing more"