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Hey I am Unearthlysoap or you can just call me Soap and I am an inspiring comic book artist and I should hopefully make one soon ^^
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yo, this comic is so cool! Characters who are monsters are always my favorite!
I wonder what he is about to do :o
Is he pretending to smoke a tree branch lol
On page 73 it shows them walking off to the bedroom and then on the next page they're at a door as Bailey proceeds to say that this is the guest bedroom. So either A. They are outside of the bedroom in the hallway as Gannet indicates that behind the door is the guest bedroom or B. They are in the bedroom and the scene of them walking into the room wasn't drawn.
I am always so excited for new updates for this, ahhhh, can't wait for the next page!!
omg the art
two happy boys c:
I love your reason for having to buy them together xD because they are dating lmao
:0 I think I see a smol bird tail
Gannet was already done with his shit when he started walking up lol
January 28th, 2017
Seeing Daniel and Louis there makes me love you more author.
Huh, interesting. Nice comic so far! I'll add to my favorite to see how it will go (:
When I saw the update I was super excited! AHH they are two adorable little nerds >.<
Wow! This story is super interesting, I can't wait for more (: Definitely adding to my favorites.
his face speaks help me xD
I am now deceased, help my poor soul.
This is so adorable, AHHH!
Thanks for the update owo
@SemeSadique: Well I can't wait them ^.^
@boiseboo I'll laugh if it's a boner xD