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i'll fill this later
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    You don't need to know, just call me Creshun (Care-e-shun)
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aww poor sophie
but the page looks nice :)
can't wait for the next update
new characters! lol :)
your comic is worth the wait :)
update when you can
but take all the time you need ^-^
poor xin
he's so confused
love the page
looking forward to more updates! ^-^
aww he looks so cute in that outfit!

happy birthday skye :D
i love this page! X3

xin worrying about bailey is so cute and i love the transition to skye's take on events lol
nice plan Sophie! xD
thats a great way to get rid of him
and tobi looks so cute in the fourth panel :3
I wouldn't call Adam a perfect boyfriend yet, more like a trainee right now he's at the stage of being a perfect stalker lol
this page has really good paneling.
i cracked up laughing when i saw the second panel! xD
poor moe!
and i love bailey's expression when she give him the late slip!
i can see why this page was fun to draw lol

'i'm trying to determine your gender.' xD

Personally if a guy did that to me i would kick him where it hurts and say 'sorry just confirming your gender'
I love the second and third panels where moe is holding xin back lol

happy first update of 2008!
i love her reaction, i think i like her even more now

i like the third panel with his 'you dare to ignore me?' lol

Happy New Year's! :D
i love this page :3
bailey quoting zombie stabbers lol
O.O shojo bubbles! xD

a hot guy at her doorstep telling her that he'll be her perfect boyfriend, what is this poor girl in for? lol
there's a reason why alternate is so popular and why we all love it so much, this comic deserves the popularity it gets.

merry christmas :3
i love the last two panels
congrats on the hundred pages
this is a cute page
no one ever listens to paris
kick his butt!

oh and merry christmas!
this club is really weird.
and we haven't even met the fifth member yet lol
aw! Happy Birthday Moe! :)
don't eat the whole cake at once, we wouldn't want you to get sick! lol