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Having moved across the country on her 18th birthday for a man she met on she progresses forward into the bleak future :)

I like kittens.
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    Marion McDonald
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@Guest: I am someone who has been a member of smackjeeves for YEARS but sadly had gotten a life and been unable to continue my liaisons with the website.. I'm slowing backing my way back tho
We miss you Why Me... I pray you have time for another comic in the future.

SmackJeeves Crew from WAY back when :)
But hot.. But ewwwwwww
The sad part is, I see this all the time. very very VERY large women asking for fitting rooms for tiny clothes. THeir hair all funky colores and bad makeups.. EW
this comic was actually my first time ever using A tablet. I need a lot more practice!
I think it would have been very delishious, if it hadn't been all over me. Stupid dressing
She may have. If its a school in California she may have. that's where she's from originally.
And you keep your hands off my lamb... ( its a stuffed animal.. and actually its peach and yellow... *cuddles it*)
I always feel sad for the poor little Hot pocket that gets put in the freezer cold and alone.. so i heat both up and make myself sick attempting to eat both of them.
He really is going to kill me when he sees this one :)
Not really. i always worry all Bran will be thinking about is how pudgy my tummy has gotten...
i like to hide on bottom..
Pssssh... Porn was invented by lesbians trying to get little girls to become lesbians
Not scary, that my dear watson is proof that porn is not the root of all evil, but the root of everything. * blows bubbles out of a pipe*
Yup. I didn't photo shop that in.. it really was there
we actually saw this sign, and it Did say " free Ads" but it was right next to an Adult Fun Center.. so we read it as " free aids" and cracked up on the bus we were on.. people did look at us only after that
delishious lead!
really. well... I'm on top of you.. Muwahahaha... ha..
sleep... whats that.. Were are you from Oivia12?
For reals.
I actually am going to be busy, you know.. working... Because I need money.. over the next couple of days, so comics will be updated a little slower....

and yes, That hot being under me is my boyfriend. * licks*
Yay! someone's actually reading this :)
Thanks for the comment.