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Consumer of the pretty boy sins.
Oh, apparently also a creator of sins now.

Ikemen are my soul food.

Sad that my username doesn't have a capital. OTL

I'm a bit more active on Tapastic, but atm I'm slow to reply on everything. Please excuse me. ;3;
And slowly, Kazu's world unravels into chaos. \D
Boxers are property, not playthings!
@Scorpio730: He sees it all! XD
@nevergrowup: Heheheh~!! Glad you're enjoying our band of idiots~ uwu
@Pink mana: Lol in due time

In due time. ewe
@Jazmin Zombie: They'll be well acquainted by the end! X"D
The poor boy just can't get a break~ qwq

Look at that smug mug tho. \DD
Undie tug-of-war!!!
@WingFreak: No undergarments are safe from his preying!
@Pink mana: The truth will be revealed to him... eventually \D
@Calz like no other: Rip man, catch up on that lost shut eye!!
@Calz like no other: X"DDDD

It's ok, I'm sure it's not abnormal to not assume it was underwear! X"D

And alright, that sounds like a decent compromise. =w=)b
Poor Kazu, life always throwing curve balls at him. \D
@Calz like no other: Duddeeee get some shut eye! X"D Don't be a hypocrite now~
@Calz like no other: Much work to be done! Rest can wait!

But actually, I'm getting ready sleep now. X"D So I guess, ta, I'm off? :'D