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Consumer of the pretty boy sins.
Oh, apparently also a creator of sins now.

Ikemen are my soul food.

Sad that my username doesn't have a capital. OTL

I'm a bit more active on Tapas, so excuse me if I take a while to respond. q3q
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@Pink mana: XDDDD rip man :"DDD
@Pink mana: Relate, so hard. :"D
@nevergrowup: >w<)<3 That's why I make this comic, so I'm happy you think so~! <3
@Pink mana: Aint it just? :"D
Andd the chapter concludes! Q3Q Sobs, thanks everyone for reading WCB&C til now. I hope you continue to enjoy the next chapters to come!

I said it a little while back, but if you'd like the support this comic, and if you'd like to have updates at the same time as Tapas, consider joining my Patreon and helping me reach the 100$ per month milestone.

Thanks for reading, and I'll see you in the next chapter~ <3

Kazuhito more like Tomato eyyyy??? :"DDD

My pun game is average ok im sorry. qaq

Rue <3
And the cat has been... kicked out of the house?

Rue <3

Also, a moment of your time- I'd like you guys to know that Chapter 4 of WCB&C has already begun uploading on Tapas, so if you're interested in catching up faster, or if you'd like to support me, please head over and have a look.

The reason I stagger the updates here is because I don't earn any income on SmackJeeves. As an artist hoping to make this my full time career, I have to encourage traffic to the places where I can make an income, such as Tapas.

I'd love to update everywhere at the same time, I just have to eliminate the need to direct traffic at a specific site. You guys can help do this by supporting me on Patreon, since I set that as a milestone at $100 per month.

I rambled a bit, but regardless of if you can help monetarily or not, thank you guys for sticking with us, and I hope you continue to enjoy WCB&C~! <3

Rue <3
Minor change to which day I update on. uwu And I hope you like the close ups. ;DD

Rue <3
I've grown a year older, so have an extra update on my behalf. uwu

Rue <3
Personal space, be gone! X"DD

Rue <3
I've said this everywhere else, but ima say it here too - I literally had to re-export this like 6 times because I changed the dialogue last moment. :"D Sobs.

Rue <3

Rue <3
Leave it to Sori to subvert expectations with casualness. |D

Rue <3
Kazu has big goals in life. uwu)
I've tried out the new uploading system on SJ and it's super weird. :"DDD
Andddd let's go with the third chapter! (Oh god how long has it been :"DD)

And omg that'd be cruel, but effective?? X"DDD He's a cat, so maybe a normal spray bottle will work too?

And thank you!! I'm glad to be back, and hope you had a good holiday too!
@Pink mana: XDD I'm happy to hear that, glad that someone else is enjoying their antics!