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Consumer of the pretty boy sins.
Oh, apparently also a creator of sins now.

Ikemen are my soul food.

Sad that my username doesn't have a capital. OTL

I'm a bit more active on Tapastic, but atm I'm slow to reply on everything. Please excuse me. ;3;
When in doubt, RUN AWAY~!
Kazu's found himself in a pickle. :"D
@Ginger_Reads_All: Is he sneaky enough to escape?? oAo

Only time will tell! X"D
Welps. \D

We may also be heading back to Weekly Updates soon guys! Q3Q
@littlepame: :"DDD

Pray 4 dis boi
@Pink mana: That's the plan~! Foolproof, eh? ;D
@Ginger_Reads_All: Hwehehehehehe~! I'm happy to provide delightful neko & boi blushus for you~! <3

Thank YOU for reading~! I hope you continue to enjoy this story about bumbling cat idiots~ =w=
@emxlycxsta: That applies to Kazu a lot \D
Espionage - Phantom Cat Style? owo);
@YunikoYokai: Naww you flatter him~~! He's rly just a sneaky lil butt tho \D
And slowly, Kazu's world unravels into chaos. \D
Boxers are property, not playthings!
@Scorpio730: He sees it all! XD
@nevergrowup: Heheheh~!! Glad you're enjoying our band of idiots~ uwu
@Pink mana: Lol in due time

In due time. ewe