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Lover of Anime and Manga! I am attempting to make my first web comic but my art work needs work.
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The way you bold the word 'Lucky', made me think of your other comic, Bettencourt Hotel.
2. Shklance from VLD
3. Chris Hemsworth to play Kimrick.
I'm like Noah, most of my underage friends have fake ids and I am the one that gets carded even though I am old enough
December 7th, 2017
I got reminded of Fez from that's 70 show because of the sudden noise.
I miss that game! It was hard as hell but it has helped me out with similar games.
Anime death braid! No!!!
I read the 'three hours later' in the voice!
I don't know if I should feel bad for him or laugh.....feeling bad wins
I like the noize and Aoba pic!
As bad as it sounds, he looked so cute when running/fast crawl to his room
Now I am slightly reminded of Doctor Who
Yes! I am not the only one to call it xbone!
I can't figure out what I like more, mag's book collection or everyone's reaction to mana reading
Love the gif
My first time playing undertale, I did the pacifism except for goat mom. Not a good idea.
He looks like he needs a hug
Is one really named joan rivers?
I liked ffxiii and ffxiii-2 but I have never met anyone who liked lighting returns
Am I one of the few that understood the Irish Gaelic?
Was that Irish? Most I understood was Hello out of it.