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Lover of Anime and Manga! I am attempting to make my first web comic but my art work needs work.
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I miss that game! It was hard as hell but it has helped me out with similar games.
Anime death braid! No!!!
I read the 'three hours later' in the voice!
I don't know if I should feel bad for him or laugh.....feeling bad wins
I like the noize and Aoba pic!
As bad as it sounds, he looked so cute when running/fast crawl to his room
Now I am slightly reminded of Doctor Who
Yes! I am not the only one to call it xbone!
I can't figure out what I like more, mag's book collection or everyone's reaction to mana reading
Love the gif
My first time playing undertale, I did the pacifism except for goat mom. Not a good idea.
He looks like he needs a hug
Is one really named joan rivers?
I liked ffxiii and ffxiii-2 but I have never met anyone who liked lighting returns
Am I one of the few that understood the Irish Gaelic?
Was that Irish? Most I understood was Hello out of it.
Can I keep her? I really don't like spiders
So he only quit the hard drugs
@Nekomata99 your comment is the best
I love the little heart at the end. Makes me wonder where his hands were