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Funny you should mention both Canada and Romeo&Juliet Andygoth, as I live in the country and am currently studying that book in my English class! Personally, I think it's a rather errr... unrealistic plotline, to say the least. Two teenagers, both under sixteen I believe (can't remember Romeo's age), cannot fall in love. Nuh uh, just doesn't work. Ah well...

The cover looks so very interesting, Enkida! I can hardly wait till you come back in Decmeber!
Thanks x)

Haha, no I don't have a comic. I may be able to colour, but I can't draw (nor can I stick to/finish one story!), especially when it comes to humans. In that area, Enkida pwns all ^___^
End of chapter six? OH NOES. xD It was a great chapter, especially in terms of character development. Vincent looks kinda stoned an' cross-eyed in the last panel... lol

You said that the comic is put on Hiatus until around Decemeber? Ack! It'll be strange checking up on here and seeing no updates, hehe. Can't wait till you come back! ^_______^