Remember - The eclipse can still happen at the end of the world... I think...
(Ghostchu - A Poem by Flamefur. Picture has nothing to do with it.)

Look at the little ghostchu.
Running around, having fun.
But it's different than everyone else.

Instead of being perfect, it has too many flaws.
It fails, and fails, and fails.
But, now we have met, little ghostchu, can we be friends?

To look over the other's back?
To feed?
To defend?

Little ghostchu, I'm sorry we can't be together.
But we can met again.
Goodbye for now, little ghostchu.
@WiispNightmare and @BestBuilder101: OH PACHIRISUS, THIS IS GONNA BECOME A MEME.
Have you wanted to see some Eevee siblings "videocasting" their stories?

Look no further than Re: Eevee!

Might be renamed!

Here it is!
What do you guys think? Assuming you guys want to say anything at all?
What can I say.
I finally got 11 readers to read this stupid thing. Maybe now, my other comics will get attention.

...keep reading, keep commenting, keep being awesome!

Well readers, any opinions?
There ya go. Now, I'm off to make some bios!
Light up the candle and continue onward.
This is my current desktop background. It's pretty good!
We've started!
I'm so happy! We have begun the story! Also, note to self: Never wake Snickers up early.
Enter the door. That is, if it is possible to enter.
@Flamefur: I'm inserting some more of my OCs, so we can welcome:

*Hyper Eevee - Protagonist of Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Hyper Quest
*Aura: That Riolu on the cover of PMD: HyQ (HyQ is short for Hyper Quest)
*Coal - That Absol on the PMD: HyQ cover.
*Sara - Duh, my kirbysona.
*Also Snickers and Chips, cause why not?
*Just doing 4 more to fill in space: Greenfur, Mistkit, Soulkit, and Thunderkit. The kits were made before I found out Thunder is not a acceptable prefix for a kit because Thunderstar founded ThunderClan.

(some faces not included!)
People per district: 4

So, 48 people in this!

If you are a author, you are auto in.

You can send in your OCs, but make sure to include a face, or they won't be accepted!


1: EeveeEon, espeon8812, WiispNightmare, and Sky207 (all authors)
2: Flamefur, WildfireK, HollyTheFluffyCat, and LightEclipse (all authors... again)
3: Vortex_, RealBoxTheEevee, Trilla (one o my ocs don't question it)...

and that's all I've got so far.

Yea, extra peeps are needed.
This is old. Also, I have to fix the rating stars.
Now we can begin!

I love this cover.
This, my friends, is a OC I originally made for a story which I cancelled called "Snickers and Chips". Snickers and Chips would follow the adventures of Snickers (the pictured cat) and Chips (a white cat with brown spots and yellow eyes) as they run away from their owners and discover the clans. I'll bring it back from the dead by bringing it to Smackjeeves. Once Snickers and Chips is brought here, there will be more info on the comic.

Yes, you!

Are you looking for a cat lineart which is made by a newbie digital artist?

Are you looking for something which is related to no character in particular?

Color a Cat is for you!

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