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So basically, I come here to escape into a hot BL fictional word of constant boy love and vampires that make everything sexual. Even though this is extremely similiar to my ever day life.XD...XD...:-D...:-)....:-/...:-(
Kay you have permission to slap me now.
That's an amazing street shot.
I like how there are actual people, and it's not he typical abandoned broken down town.
I like orginality :)
Keep up the brilliant work.
I love you guys <3
Looks like my room :)
Now I want that power.
And the magically delicious Non-marshmallow lucky charms.
Ben- Lucky charms are frosted?
So I'm stilling that.
"Frosted Lucky Charms"
Writers block brings you to amazing things.
I'm worried about the random sandwich though, it's sketchy haha.
I hope that someday I'll be able to walk in and say the same thing to my roommate.
I love you sir.
The writing is absolutely beautiful, it brings me to the place, but keeps me in reality, I can really see it, but know I'm still here.
And the art is amazing as well, I love the bottom panel of her walking int he aisle. You gyus amaze me beyond no other.
I really like the layout of your page
And I absolutely love this page.
The girl is wonderfully drawn, and I love what you have to say.
Thats so cute even with the bleeding eye and all
Whoooo I agree with Bifflarken.

Ha, Zom-bag made me giggle.
I'm trying to picture what sexism would dress like, Im consider some weightlifter, with sex written across their chest?
Wait I got it,
A guy in his 20s, with shaggy black hair, a sweat band across his forhead, a wife beater, muscular, brass knuckles, a cape that says "Im the only [for] "sex"" tattered jeans, really old sneakers and a hitler mustache.
with a probably a bit of a goatie (sp?) and I feel like he should have a side kick, like, well not even a side kick more of an animal, like a pit bull, with a studded collar that just grunts a lot.
I dunno I was having fun coming up with a really obviouse image, ignore me.
anywho still love Zom-ben.
LongLiveRa- You're way to logical with webcomics babe.

Zom-Ben- I must agree your comic does amaze me too.
Mmmmmm pie.
Thats pretty much the most epic signature ever, where the fuck did the mustard come from??
Oh wait, he's a zombie hero, I guess it really doesn't matter.
Can I hug you?