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Had another account on here...forgot all my log in info.

I like manga and anime. I read and write. I love to sing and act.

I currently have one major Fanfiction project underway, a Samurai Champloo trilogy which I'm on the second story of. I'm also working on other Fanfiction projects.

I'm also working on an original fiction project called New Life. I draw, but not really well enough to make comics. I'm working to improve this as I take time to develop my latest original concept, which I hope to be able to post as a manga style comic.

Feel free to PM me with recommendations, or just to make conversation.
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*pulls it out and all the little sections fall apart*

Shit! It broke!
Sweesh, shwoosh!

When it's serious b'ness, the sound effects are ALWAYS necessary.

*life motto*
Rawr, bitch! Imma t-wreck your ass!

(To prevent confusion, please note this comment is aimed off page at pants head. Love y'all!)
Dickweed...clever insult there, boy.

It's a Mr. Mime.

And I think if the Rapidash were stained glass it might actually be pretty awesome and win...sadly, it is not.
February 19th, 2018
You do very well for a non-native English speaker. Better than many born and raised American citizens I know.

February 16th, 2018

I just notice weird things. Lol.
February 15th, 2018

The power of friendship is always the answer!


Gendo must just be a name for characters on the jerk spectrum...

Gendo Ikari from Evangelion (this is pretty much unanimous among otaku.)

Gendo Saotome from Ranks 1/2 (maybe not the first jerk character most think of...but where did Ranma's problems aaaallllll start?)

And now your Gendo makes three.

Heheheh :)

Howie: W-what? Hey, why are you crying? I'm sor-

Sooch: *smooch surprise attack of sudden love realization*

Howie: . . .

Sooch: *bawling* No, sorry! I lied! I like kissing you! Your amazing, and I'm horrible a-and *continues babbling incoherently until Howie kisses him to shut him up*
God, this comic is such a ship fest...I just can''s like a navy that can't drive, and the ships are all crashing into one another in my heart!!! T_T

Utterson and Emmawald! No! Utterson and Henry! No! Henry and Molly! And Oswald and the opera gal! No...Utterson and Oswaldddd!!!

February 14th, 2018

I met a guy born with no arms who plays guitar and writes with his feet. Anything is possible!

Of course. It's going to be a lot harder having a dominant hand become useless...I'm right handed, and if I try to do anything that requires fine motor skills with my left it's ridiculous.

"What's this squiggle line?"

"A square..."

"Oh, you need to draw the other four sides?"

"I already did...there the other squiggles scattered about the page, no where near that one...."

On the plus side, I suppose, if he has to become left handed, he will become literally a sinister demon. Sinister is Latin for left handed...and I never let my lefty loved ones forget it, lol!
February 13th, 2018
On the bright side, if it's only one hand sustaining all the injuries, then the other hand is still functional! He's not going to be completely helpless once this is over!

I second this. With the two pages being one whole picture, you don't realise you are missing part of the exchange until you get to the next page.
You see that huge fountain you couldn't have possibly missed on your way in?

Truly a masterpiece of sculpture and fine art!

It brings tears to my eyes, that's why it cries too!

I just had to show you, in case you didn't see its enormous beautiful self in the middle of the entrance hall there!

(Or it's a stick figure rapidash...)

Hahahah! You have made my day!
February 12th, 2018

I think he seems nice, like he's genuinely trying to get to know Carter.
February 11th, 2018

I'm absolutely with you.

A concussion was required to make you meow on the counter in the middle of the night?'s not normal young adult behavior?

I see...>_>

*adds another note to her 'things I do I should consult a shrink about' list*