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Had another account on here...forgot all my log in info.

I like manga and anime. I read and write. I love to sing and act.

I currently have one major Fanfiction project underway, a Samurai Champloo trilogy which I'm on the second story of. I'm also working on other Fanfiction projects.

I'm also working on an original fiction project called New Life. I draw, but not really well enough to make comics. I'm working to improve this as I take time to develop my latest original concept, which I hope to be able to post as a manga style comic.

Feel free to PM me with recommendations, or just to make conversation.
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I think I heard peeing on jellyfish stings helps...but he's pissed off, not pissed on, so...

I'm on board with this explanation.
@mewrose: And it would be amazing if Atty saw her heart broken face and stood up for her...or is it all a ruse to distract them from Pokemon stealing mischief? But either way, crap, now George is swooning about him acting like a friend!
This is some PTSD stuff here. It's like you put it into a visible form...intense.
Lemon is live streaming the conversation to Lime (and, or, the minions) duh.

Shh, you're giving away the secrets of manga!
I might laugh too if my partner called it smut while in the act.
I'm scared....why do I have the feeling be is about to be trapped in the bad memory?
Ugh, why can I never remember the Javier child's name!!

He wants a tragic ending
That's why....
It's a world of magic a world of fun~
*stops singing and stares with a vacant smile* Latin the word for sword also meant...ya know, something else long and hard. This guy would probably let her practice handling his sword. *winkwonk*
*points to @Guest reply under my own comments*

Droo's loooong pork.
@AutumnWolf20: Always glad to amuse!
Is still same thing...meat is flesh of other animals.

Moo flesh is beef. Oink flesh is pork. Bawk flesh is chicken. Hooman flesh is cannibalism.

All is yum. Not hooman...well...never try really dunno. *eyeballs other readers*
Omg, that pickle...gimme a nickel to tickle da pickle? (God...I'm in middle school again.)

Also, took the survey.
That face...dude gonna end up walking funny...
Atty Used Meme!AqFJMRc4AtQuhXBhAJgP5WnwhbiG

You are all welcome
Wonder if Hiro realizes fisting is an actual thing...he may regret including fist in his list.
@Guest: Atty's face should be used for a meme!