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I like manga and anime. I read and write. I love to sing and act.

I currently have one major Fanfiction project underway, a Samurai Champloo trilogy which I'm on the second story of. I'm also working on other Fanfiction projects.

I'm also working on an original fiction project called New Life. I draw, but not really well enough to make comics. I'm working to improve this as I take time to develop my latest original concept, which I hope to be able to post as a manga style comic.

[10-31-16] My website has been updated to a WordPress site where I hope to post a variety of things from writing and drawing to random thoughts.

Feel free to PM me with recommendations, or just to make conversation.
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@yasha.queen: I thought they'd had sex...Hiro got tied up...but when he tried to tie up Takashi the tsundere wigged out, and then things got all kinds of awkward cause mama Taka walked in. Lol.

And Hiro was still just like, "Such good friends, I'm making bracelets!" *3*
@HamPlan Nice. Lol. I applaud the brilliance!
@kurolothgarian: Does Mike proceed to reach out and grab ya?
@Alexis_Royce It took a bit of work, lol. I couldn't pull a Spice Girls joke without some kind of lyrics! Glad you approve.
Look at that tiiiny smile on Sooch's face...Am I imagining it?

It could be nerves, I guess...I get giggly when I'm awkward and nervous so the smile would make sense...

BUT! It could be butterflies, that excitement of knowing someone you're attracted to is about to kiss you! (Sooch just hasn't recognized the attraction until perhaps this moment!)

Meanwhile we shiver in antici-.........


@RazorD9 No no...Spice BOYS! *cues the 90s music*

"If you wanna be my villain,
You gotta have real good schemes!
Plots for me to foil
That's a hero's thiiii~ng!

If you wanna be a hero,
something you can't miss,
Heroes count for nothing
Without a nemesiiii~is"
@Yaa: it read fine to me. I see no need to change anything. :)
@NoName21: thanks for the explanation! I was confused to.
Hahaha. I love Mary's reply. "That couple brought that demon with them."

Not my fault! I do my job, those guys just have a creepy ass pet demon stork!
@MoonByte: But Hiro is already sick....
James' face in that last panel. Omg, so frigging cute!

I have nothing truly deep or insightful to say on this
@jchriselam: I'm glad I didn't seem condescending. :)

I can definitely see why you think that line was inappropriate. The context of the laughter surrounding it makes it sound awful.

I think the "Hey Punk" but at the start is because Punk is just what James always calls Crush. If I remember right, he called him that at the laundry and when Crush showed up to study. I don't think harm was intended.

I am a huge believer, however, in the concept of the unintentional bully. Namely, the idea that your intent isn't always what's picked up by the person your speaking to and what's meant as friendly teasing or ribbing can be devastating to the one who feels victimized.

And I think that's exactly what were are seeing here. There are people reading the pages who are picking up on Scott or Crush's perspective that feel James is being cruel and taunting. Then there are those who pick up on James's perspective that feel he is offering a fair warning to Crush about giving away his affair with Scott by leaving the room with a disheveled appearance, and that Punk is a playful nickname.

Does this make one more right than the other? Not necessarily. It's another instance of miscommunication and the mind working against itself.

Unintended bullying can be hell because it's a definite matter of an individual's lifetime of experience, and current perspective.
Aww, James!

Now Scott has someone to talk to, provided James is that level of comfortable...I can see were actually sitting and talking about the relationship in detail (Scott asking for advice and stuff) could get awkward. Especially if James doesn't have much experience with having gay/out friends. He's being supportive, but a level of awkwardness is only natural at first (i.e. ew your hand is covered in cum) if it's not something you have experience talking about. Especially if there are details.

I definitely can picture James being the type, from what I know at this point, who would at least try to be helpful and honest. Scott could explain some of what's going on with the rough stuff, and why he's confused by Crush's behavior.

And I think James would answer like, "Man...are for real? Okay, look...I don't really know about dudes...bottoms and stuff, right? But with GIRLS....-insert explanation-. So maybe it's that way with Crush too. I mean, not that he's a girl or anything! -fluster-"

And Scottie isn't even paying attention by the end when James is busy being awkward, because what roomie extraordinair said made total sense. So the ginger is internally going, "I fucked shit up...dammit! Why am I such a fucking idiot!"
@Eina M.M.: Thank you! ^_^
James is adorable here. I like his attitude now that he's managed to calm down.

The emotional turmoil in this comic is just so real. No matter your gender or sexuality it's relatable, and that's amazing. From poor confused Scott wondering what he did when it seems like it should be obvious he's being abusive, to the struggle of being able to trust your heart to someone when you've been betrayed and hurt.

We all face communication problems too, I think that's why I love this story and feel so connected to the characters. I'm a straight woman, but relate to Crush and Rueben from the standpoint of trying to figure out where a relationship stands. These issues might vary between sexualities, overall, though, they are something we can all relate to. And this comic drives that home.
@Glow: Thank you for your reply to the comment and reassuring words. :) I appreciate your honesty, since I'm working on being more self aware of how I say things. Sometimes it's easier to bring it up in comments like this than in person, lol.

I'm glad you liked my comment, too. Please have a very nice day.
Good observation Crush! Classic sign of abuse, apologising after the fact, then pushing the envelope again.

Also, just as a note, note saying Scott is even aware of any abuse going on. Sometimes people aren't aware of the reality of their an behaviors. It seems like Scott's stem from self esteem issues paired with a bit of a warped view of sex and it's importance in a relationship.

I like Scott as a character, he's a good kid that got mangled through his life. His mommy filled him with shame (intentional or not). His first boyfriend didn't share important information that lead to them resenting and hurting each other. Now Crush is doing the same thing by letting him believe he's okay with the rough stuff. Poor Scott. He's not evil, he needs help.

And Carter...that poor child...omg. I want to hug him and never let go. It's sad that my maternal instincts are kicking in with a sex comic, huh?

Like I just want to hug all the kids and tell them it's okay. I feel like I want to go all mama bear, and they aren't my creations! Even Till, I'm sitting here going,"Okay, who fucked him up to the point where he fucked Crush up so Bad?"
@Marina: I'm with you. He even mentioned having walked in on people before, which could be seen as an attempt to make things less awkward if the situation didn't just put Crush and Scott on complete edge.

Classic teen male behavior is immaturity reacting to that kind of situation (not trying to sound sexist at all, I'm speaking from a viewpoint of psychology and sociology, and basing the comment on experience in western world cultures). That was a lengthy d disclaimer...sorry. Um...I was gonna say I think James would have the exact same reaction no matter what type of pAiring he'd walked in on.

It has less to do with the gay sex and more to do with the sex in general between two of his friends. If Crush was a girl that happened to be close to a group of his guy pals and he saw as "one of the guys" the idea would have been just as hilarious. Scott having sex with anybody when he walked in probably would have caused that reaction.

Sorry if I sound condescending. I've been made aware recently that I have that tendency, and I'm not always able to recognize when I'm doing it. Please let me know if I am...
My flipflopping tummy! It's gotta be because of the comic...

The another bout of dizziness hits. I hate ickiesickies.
Trying to determine if stomach butterflies are because of my sickieyucky lightheadedness, or because of the gooeiness of this page...I love the page!