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Had another account on here...forgot all my log in info.

I like manga and anime. I read and write. I love to sing and act.

I currently have one major Fanfiction project underway, a Samurai Champloo trilogy which I'm on the second story of. I'm also working on other Fanfiction projects.

I'm also working on an original fiction project called New Life. I draw, but not really well enough to make comics. I'm working to improve this as I take time to develop my latest original concept, which I hope to be able to post as a manga style comic.

Feel free to PM me with recommendations, or just to make conversation.
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@Guest: Slang is not my strongest suit, admittedly...thanks for the definition.:)

I always thought the lyrics were "The world was gonna roll me"

Like a car rolls in a terrible traffic accident or whatevers...ugh...feel stupid now.
I did miss ya!

So nice to see you again!
I'm doing a recap of this chapter before the latest installment...and just saw the comments about genders and emotions.

I love Jacob's personality. Then again, I've always preferred sensitive sweeties to macho guys. Tough Tsundere guys can be fun in fandoms, but Jacob is more like my IRL boyfriend. ^_^

I have some more things I want to talk about with character psychology development, just casual convo if you don't mind. I could PM you.
Honestly, me too. I'm just makin day point. Lol.
How has Howie not woken up?? I can understand sleeping though hair petting, but gods, I'm such a light sleeper, the tousle would have ruined it.
Methinks he is trapped in a dream...
Don't look at his forbidden male nipples!
Thought it was gonna be Koolaid man for a moment...that was screwing with my head because I knew who should show up.
@Wall_Spider: I'm almost 33...why am I so innocent?
Steve Blum!

Psychological Thriller is somewhat different than horror. When Netflix decided to do a version of Death Note they called it horror....I knew immediately it was going to be effed up because they didn't get the basic concept of what the story was supposed to convey.

I cannot do horror. Monsters and Gore pornography and slasher films are generally a no go. I scare WAY to easily. Nightmares for months.

Give me a good Psychological thriller or psychological drama, and I'm all up in there. The best examples I can think of are typically classics like anything Hitchcock. More modern the first title in my head is "The Secret Window", staring Johnny Depp.

On TV, I love Criminal Minds, because it's totally psychology based.
@Sushi: I'm with you. I good rereading is definitely called for.
Jigsaw, go home, your drunk!

I sense them waking up spooning/cuddling...Howie and Sooch don't usually fall asleep facing the same way.
@Naruhina2124: Hello Frankenfurter.
@Wall_Spider: I was using it like tossing cookies...but I'm super sure I'm too innocent for whatever it really means after your comment. Lol.
Enter cute girl soldier?