Had another account on here...forgot all my log in info.

I like manga and anime. I read and write. I love to sing and act.

I currently have one major Fanfiction project underway, a Samurai Champloo trilogy which I'm on the second story of. I'm also working on other Fanfiction projects.

I'm also working on an original fiction project called New Life. I draw, but not really well enough to make comics. I'm working to improve this as I take time to develop my latest original concept, which I hope to be able to post as a manga style comic.

[10-31-16] My website has been updated to a WordPress site where I hope to post a variety of things from writing and drawing to random thoughts.

Feel free to PM me with recommendations, or just to make conversation.
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I am out of the pun loop...I know Chai tea....what is the other Chai....I must be able to understand the pun!!!
If queer in its original dictionary meaning of "strange, odd, unusual" is used as an insult, that would be okay....but almost no one these days even realizes that queer started out as a non-slur word. Using it as a slur is something I hate.

That being said I kinda get tempted to suggest Thad check his fashion sense before slinging sexuality based slurs around. He does look rather fancy!
@nokuthula: I didn't mean to pressure. Looking back, it totally sounded like I was pressuring, which I hate! So I want to apologize if it came off that way.

I have a hard time with drawing a fraction of this quality, so definitely take your time!
@Guest: Dude, tame high school days. I never even went to the parties (I wasn't in that popular crowd) and I know this shit had to have happened. I mean...they caught one of the basketball players and a girl having sex in a car during the school day....neither student owned the car.
@nokuthula: Maybe.
Gotta say, I'm loving this! I do hope you upload more!
Just found this after finding/reading Breach on a SmackJeeves search. I Ryan not to comment as I catch up, usually... but I just can't help myself...

You say their last names come from their jobs. Gray is a butcher's assistant according to this page's dialogue. Combine butcher and assistant to a shortened form...

Butchass. Grayson Butchass.
@M-24: Handsies!
Atty just likes his girls super hot....
He's about to glee-gasm from the hand rub. God, I love these idiots...if Hiro moans aloud in class I'm gonna die.
Polish person! I am approximately 25% Polish! My great-grandfather came from Krakow, married a Polish American, so my Grandma was 100% Polish...she married an Irish American, so mom's 50%...and my dad has no Polish...

Point is, YAY POLAND! I love my heritage, all six parts of it. o_o

I also adore this comic! Your art is amazing, and the comedy is great! The Cat in the Hat (*cough*crown*cough*) is hilarious. And there isn't too much technical talk for a non-gamer to

I'm being a bit of a spaz tonight...sorry.
So...if he's the Blood Freak, aka Mr. Orange....

Is he a Blood Orange?

(My puns are kinda fruity)
@Unclever title: You receive hearts.
Jake reminds me of myself, just opposite gender. Poetry drawn from depression, check. Always doubting people's sincerity, check. Lacking by faith in his abilities (he seemed very sure his writing skills weren't as good as Kaylee said), check.

I'm like,'s my life 13-17 years ago! (Not sure which grade they are in, lol)

Also, best of luck dealing with your depression. I was diagnosed myself back in junior high, the struggle is real. I completely understand if you have spells where you can't work.

Know that this comic itself is making a difference in people's lives by showing them someone gets their struggle. It's why it appeals so much to me. I hope that knowledge might help with a boost in positivity when you feel low. :)
Stereotypically speaking, Mary should be wielding the ruler...which h just makes this even better!
Grr...pirate!Rocket strikes again!
Hah! I knew it was a bebe Luca!
August 11th, 2017

Catastrophizing....I know it well. I'm pretty sure these guys all have diagnosable mental illness. It makes perfect sense to catastrophize for those of us with a mental illness, because life already seems terrible, so what else should we expect?

And in this case knowing that Crush looks down on relationships (which Rueben said a few pages ago) assuming silence is a negative response isn't a far jump.

I prefer the Rueben/Crush ship, but I'm thinking Crush is gonna react poorly at first, just because of past experiences he's had.
Is that gun loaded?
Ok, that's sexy. And a weird emergency room visit (more like morgue,but whatever) just waiting to happen...

And a nice break from the tension. Especially with chibi droolface!
August 10th, 2017
Either Carter is nauseated because he's nervous....

Or it's morning sickness. Who's da father?! Someone call Maurry!

And now back to seriousness!

Aww, poor Crush, I hope stress/nerves is all that's wrong. It would suck if he's got like appendicitis or gallstones or something. That hurts like hell.

Seriously...I had my appendix out two years ago...the attack felt like one of those old ribbed corsets you see in movies was sitting between my skin and muscles, and constantly being pulled tighter. Worst pain I've ever a non-stop menstrual cramp paired with a giant sized hair claw clamped onto my abdomen! I vomited three times before getting a ride to the hospital.

Before that was gallstones. Second worst pain ever. Vomited twice after waking up in the middle of the night feeling like I was being run through with a spear. If my mom hadn't just had the same thing, I would've panicked.

If Crush is lucky, it's just the flu or temporary stress...but with his luck it's ulcers. I've never had those...I dunno the signs. >_>

Also, poor Rueben has no idea that Carter is puking his guts out...he thinks things are just really awkward. Which is probably also the case.