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aww bronchitis sucks, um sorry!
February 1st, 2011
screw the pack haha
yeah oliver, you clearly don't need to put up with THIS
I think adding a page for all the JH music references is an amazing idea! I mean obviously a sizable chunk of readers probably appreciate good music yaknow?
I think it would be interesting to see it all together as there would probably be a lot of variety there or something, idk.
that's also apart of the reason why I love going to the cast pages because I like seeing what bands each character listens to! WOO!
woah totally didn't recognize jordan there
i'm pretending araceli's playing rock lobster. even though she probably would not be.
aww no worries derek. given the situation i would have behaved exactly the same. harrison's so hawt & jordan soo lucky!
oh wow totally cool! :)
they look gorgeous!
awwwwwwwwww cuuuuuuuuuuuute!
what? are me and yoshi like the same person? i lurve astrology! it is prettay awesome. quite like his seashell tattoo.
I vote white and blue! or pink and white. there's a shock. do it! do it! i want lavender or deep purple hair, or blonde. hm hm.
haha flax cake!
curiousity killed the cat, gemini......
wheres bastian's cast page? *cries*
*goes to double check*
well harrison is all mixed up, why anyone would expect for his hair to be straight naturally is beyond me...
eidel's so the cutest one here tho. =)