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Man, you must be really devoted to your cats ;)

(no judgement, I'd die for my kitty)
I think "squeeze me into oblivion" is my new favorite phrase
This is one of those scenes I've been waiting to see since the beginning
@LittleLynn84: Your little Maria avatar is so damn cute
@alkaplan: I've been wondering what happened to this page all week lol XD
I need a Lydia.
When you check your webcomics at midnight and there's already a new page <3

(I know we're all in different time zones though)
@guest: your comments are THE most relatable

actually though, you comment things I wanted to say a lot
I love the pages where we get a look into everyone's lives
The fourth funny as it is, it's also incredibly effective
@TranshumanAr: XD
I love it
I know everyone's talking about the "unrealistic numbers of LGBTQ+ people" but here's a little story anyway.
When I was in elementary school I had a group of five close friends. None of us knew what gay meant when we got close to each other. Over the course of high school, three came out as lesbian, and two as bisexual. The last one may or may not be ace. Either way, I think queer kids just have a way of finding each other.
I ship it
(assuming Colette actually is a trans dude)
@Minim: Yeah PG-13 means it's not recommended for kids under 13. Also there's allowed to be one f bomb per movie, so I think their comment is within the PG-13 range
Are there ANY straight people in this comic?

Jk ;)
Gavin has such a beautiful vision for the future.
@CanaCastor: nope that's my theory too
Maria's disappearance is the most satisfying thing that's happened in a long time. I bet she's either going to be staying in Emily's empty house or with Aunt Fara. Also I love how Fara is like some sort of collector of lost queer people. Everyone is welcome in her apartment and there are already so many people living there.
Ugh I'm so disgusted with the fact that they sent Chanel to the SAME ROOM as Todd after he harassed her