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September 10th, 2019
The face I make when I step on a lego
@Tehpikachu: The other horse had orange painted on its face too. I'm wondering if they do that so people know the markings are natural blazes and not Bad infections?
@alkaplan: yusssss best of luck
Aaaa I've been reading this comic since like 2015, I can't believe it's over but congratulations on finishing such a huge project! Do you have any other projects planned for when you're done with the editing?
I met a woman named Ryan yesterday...also one named Devon
Can Cher be my dad?
Wait that's the dress she was wearing when she an Chanel first got together...!!!
First thing I saw when I got to this page was "defile me grandpa" out of context and that was certainly an interesting way to start my afternoon.
Aww Deng
So do they not shed and regrow their antlers every year like normal deer?
@Sleep: OMG me too

I actually started reading the comic like three years ago cause Damien looked like the guy I was dating at the time
I know a Molly Finch
February 20th, 2019
So many thoughts
-Ana and Gavin matching so perfectly is adorable
-I love Ana's dress
-I'm choosing to interpret Ana's face in the fourth panel as "hell yeah it is. Picked it out myself."
-Brown and white and blah, you say Holly >->
oooh looks like Troy is skipping practice...
There's a turtle :)
-Izzy is really cute

-I totally ship Rudy and who I'm going to start referring to as the Character Formerly Known as Colette
Man, you must be really devoted to your cats ;)

(no judgement, I'd die for my kitty)
I think "squeeze me into oblivion" is my new favorite phrase
This is one of those scenes I've been waiting to see since the beginning