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looking forward to the rest of the story. Can't wait for a *gasp* full-color Valentine's Day comic ^__^
February 1st, 2009
I was in a bad mood until I read this page and then *poof* it just all melted away. Soooo good, right here.

What's even more fantastic is the rest of the page: the rain (loooove it!) and the effects all over the place. The rain-patter "glow" around Tomoyo and Megumi looks great and the little white bursts in the last frame were a nice touch. I like how they actually look wet; usually characters stay magically dry in these situations, lol.

Great work! Not trying be flattering, just being specific about my comments :)
January 29th, 2009
great resolution to this section. I love that fourth panel (^__^)
January 23rd, 2009
( T - T )
just beautiful. I'm always excited about new pages and you never disappoint.
January 21st, 2009
Thanks for the awesome updates! This section is fantastic and I like how you didn't try to cram the entire exposition into only one or two pages but actually took the time to run it out. It's definitely an important scene. Keep 'em comin'!
January 19th, 2009
sooo cute. Your coloring and style have got to be one of my favorites. Keep it rollin'!
January 18th, 2009
the whole environment and rain in this page look great. Really makes the mood even better. That last panel w/ Tomoyo = hot!
January 10th, 2009
crzyupdts!! Keep 'em rolling.

the last two pages are huh-larious. The senseless beating being delivered is just too good.
I always get the tinglies when that happens XD...every show I watch I get psyched whenever the lead character's anger/sadness makes them go "epic" with their power.

Keep it up, it's always good! ^__^

vixen, don't worry about updates...Sheena cranks 'em out like you wouldn't believe. All quality, too!.
cheetah, I'm guessing Ken and Jou are kicking demon ass in that panel.

Man, the list is just depressing. I can't wait til somebody saves her from all this. Keep it up, Sheena!
holy crap! Poor everybody, in this one.

It's weird to say but Seiya's look of completely terror in the last panel is....great?

Awesome art as always.
the way you highlight and color their hair is absolutely fantastic. I can't stop looking at every part and seeing how life-like it is. Bravo, m'lady.
keep that "Sheena Bullet Train" moving at full steam!
w00t, favorite unexplained character!! This page is relevant to my interests ^__^
I bet you could split-view both Jade and Seiya right now and they'd be feeling the same thing. Awesome stuff right here.
Those inserts with the face close-ups are something you really do well...the facial expression portrays their feelings amazingly well even if it is simple.

I can understand Seiya's decision but *insert cheesey cliche* their love is strong so we know they'll be together again.

Is the #2 thing that goes wrong going to be seeing her mom die or something? If so it's going to be a rough 20 pages for me o__o

Oh I hope Jade gets herself together and goes to get Seiya back!
my wish comes true! Moar Naoko! YAY XD

I hope our undying fandom is enough to keep you've really been on a roll lately and all of your pages are quality!
July 20th, 2008
that's exactly what I thought, young yet such talent. You definitely will be a successful Manga artist if you keep this up, Line-chan.
Korina is sooo well dressed even in the rain XD

I guess what I meant to say was Jade is hurt, confused, alone and possibly susceptible to someone that will listen but I know she's stronger than that. Korina's initial "rival" appearance makes her seem like the type to take advantage of the situation; but I'm jumping to conclusions ^_^.

I envision a beautiful but sad moment where Korina helps Jade to reunite with Seiya and is forced to concede but does so without hating them. It's these kinds of characters that keep me coming back for more of your story.

In Volume 2 we've seen a bunch of action and background info that makes understanding most everyone a little better: the intro of Korina, how Korpy got his name, how Seiya ended up in Jade's time, the bit about Jade not knowing her last name and a bunch of other details. The interweavings are going to be awesome for the denouement.

I'm very interested in Naoko and can't wait to see more about her. There's some depth there that you're waiting to spring on us, aren't you ^__^

Once again "holy awesome-updates, Batman! Sheena-chan is on the loose with her inking!"
I see Jade is posting up for the rebound...we'll see if she can make it happen. Of course obligatory SeiyaxJade *Squeeee* and "NOEZ!! Don't forget about Seiya!"

I'm still so glad you can get pages out so quickly and almost always more than one a day. You're just awesome!