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That's it! This is officially the emd of Traptale.

Thank you all very much for reading! :D
@Drago:>: Heck yeah, go ahead! :D

i would only ask you to put a link to my tumblr ( in the video description or somewhere else!
Heck Yeah! It's the final chapter!

Thank you very much for reading!
@crakaz: just go for it! it sounds really cool! :D
@enamis: aaah thank you very much!! ;w;
@Thenewdonut: Thank you! :D
@PunyPixelPrivateer: Yeah they are :D

I drew all this over the last year and put it on my tumble, and only now decided to upload it here.

(check it out if you want to see like, the newest pages and stuff c:)
Chapter Five starts here! This is the chapter where things will go DOWN so you have all rights to be hyped!

This will update over March, one page per day.
@WinterSunSummerSnow: yeah ive always struggled with papyrus' face and it changes quite a lot over the course of the comic. Like, he appears three times so far and each time his face is drawn a bit different...

I mean, i drew this over the course of a whole year so obviously my art style would change and hopefully improve, but to this day im still not satisfied with how to draw papyrus. sans is fine, but papyrus...? ugh.
Starting with Chapter 4 over here! I hope you enjoy! :D

Chapter 4 is queued to update over the course of february, then we will start with the fifth one.
Chapter Three is getting way more intense! Thank you for reading!
Chapter Two starts here! Thank you for reading!
Warnings for this Comic
Before you start reading traptale, heres some warnings for its content:

- language warning
- violence
- body horror (i guess)

Thank you for your time and have fun!