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This sleepy poppy spends most of her free time bringing you Hell Hounds, the first of what will hopefully be many comic projects! She also likes waffles, books, and flowers.

If you ever have questions, feel free to PM or e-mail.
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@lovelessbutterfly: Hi Reisuke,

So using the art I post publicly for something like that would be a-okay! Unfortunately it looks like the image you're using is actually one that is supposed to be exclusive to supporters (tipping/kofi/patreon). If you want a hi-res image from the comic, I'd be happy to provide one, but please don't use art that is reserved as a reward for supporters.

(If I have posted this publicly somewhere, and forgot, please let me know. Its a lot of content to keep track of and I could be mistaken!)

Also thank you for asking!
@jay_jaybead1089: we need a kissing booth!

@Targo: Tippy toes cause exponential increase of cute!
He just remembered he has to... go wash his hair.

Chapter end!

Probably safer to expect a 2 month hiatus. As always you can sneak early peeks at pages on my patron! However I'm headed back to school, and this year I have field work and expect to be pretty busy. I'm not yet sure how much comic time I'll have, so that will factor in to when I return and how frequently I post- I hope you guys will be patient with me!

The patron:

Oh no- angel cooties!
I am here for those tip toe kisses!
@deee45: ( ˘ ³˘)♥
@YolkenEgg: pets!
@Targo: I really do love Phury giving Asoro head pats ❤
Smooch Fest Part II: Revenge of the Blushies

And since it's the end of the month.. Reminder that I have a patreon!
@Targo: He can't help it! <3

@YolkenEgg: Priorities!

@beckster: Absolutely. A thorough investigation must be had!
I feel like Phury knows this is the intro to a prono, and Asoro is like "I am a nurse, I have an important job to do!"
@memoryERROR-13: I am a foodie of carnival treats~
@Targo: Aw, thank you <3
@YolkenEgg: Doctor Payne, nurse Asoro, and patient Phury- somewhere in here is a prono worth making.
@YaoiGirl09: ;D
@Arcane Allusion: Yup. Phury is way more aware of the implications here than Asoro is!
It's gettin' hot in here..

So prepare yourself for nurse Asoro!

The fair came through town this weekend, and I made the very responsible and adult decision to get both a sundae and a churro, then I dipped one in the other. ;D
@Arcane Allusion: Hah, I was just mucking about, and that was what came out. But it kind of sounds like they're talking about Emperor's New Groove.

@Taketheheart: A groove may have been thrown, potions make have been drunk. ;)

@YolkenEgg: ;D
@Arcane Allusion: Cold eggs are the worst.

@Targo: Birb-boy solidarity! They are cute and need their feathers preened. <3
@portisHeart: There's a degree to which Asoro has always been like this, and a degree to which he is for the first time being able to tap into a deeper level of himself without it being secret, and it's a lot to deal with! He's never experienced anything like the open sexuality Phury and Payne have.

It doesn't help that he was pretty worried he'd injured Phury by kissing Payne, so even though the reaction wasn't negative, it's overwhelming for him.
@Targo: This entire comic exists simply because I wanted to draw a cute birb boy ;D
Eatin' mushrooms, blowin' kisses, doin' dishes... these are the exciting magic packed lives of my supernatural characters. ;D
Asoro is very enthusiastic about helping.
I love having Asoro hide in his wings. Big shy angel is 80% feathers. <3
@Targo: Asoro is very relieved that Phury isn't mad!

@Karmazyna: It's partly because we the audience are just looking in on something that's already been pretty well discussed between Phury and Payne. So there's no need for drama ♡
@Violet Delerious: Oh, so much bonding~

@portisHeart: Phury is actually super soft hearted, he just gets snippy.

Not wrong, really. It's just that I spend a long time on very small details when the over all painting is already a pretty long process. I'm really just whining, though!