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My name is Bekah, I'm 20 years old, I love Kirby games, and I make Kirby comics. I'm also on DeviantART, my username is WarpStars
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So I decided to end The World of Kirby, but I felt it wouldn't be right if I didn't properly end it with a comic.

I'm quitting. I am not going to delete the comics, but I am going to stop making them.

The World of Kirby was started to get myself motivated to do art again and to help me have fun and relax. To my surprise, hundreds of people ended up loving it, and I thank all of you for that!

However, it got very stressful to run. For starters, I simply got bored of making the comics, so I put it on an indefinite hiatus. If I might be brutally honest, some fans didn't have any help in motivating me. Some fans became very demanding, and very critical when I didn't post the content they wanted. If I posted a comic, some would complain that I didn't post a comic about a specific character, rather than appreciating that I made a comic at all. Some would even get mad when I would post serious non-comic art, all because it wasn't TWOK.

I'm not putting all the blame on my fans, it's partially my fault as well. So please don't go hunting down people that you think were rude to me. Hurting others isn't going to bring the comics back. It's my decision.

Who knows, it may be subject to change in the future. But for months now, I've been completely void of motivation for my comics, so I'm calling it off.

It's been a good run and I thank you all for supporting my comics. I would rather move on and pick up on my serious art again, and even start writing fanfiction. And I hope you guys will continue to support me in my other forms of art that aren't comics.

Please visit my deviantART for more art!
@BestBuilder101: I HAVE BEEN ALIVE THIS WHOLE TIME MAN JUST NOT ON SMACKJEEVES. I'm more active on deviantART lol
Join me and make this theory the "Sans is Ness" meme of the Kirby fandom
Meta Knight loves robots and has always wanted to be a robot like his very own Heavy Lobster.
@TheJGamer: No there's a link in the description where it says "uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu" it's a reference to Moonbase Alpha
@Redkirby: There's a link in the description where it says "uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu"

This comic is based on a headcanon of mine. When Dark Matters possess people, they have to utilize their shapeshifting powers to imitate the shape of the person, otherwise they won't be able to control them properly. For example, Dark Matter had to mimic the shape of Dedede to control him, Dark Nebula had to mimic the shape of Daroach to control him, and as you can see in this comic, Dark Crafter had to mimic the shape of Claycia.

This comic is also based on this scene in The Lion King:
It might be too early to post about summer vacation but yeah here's this comic. LOOK AT THAT TWOK FANS, TARANZA IS FINALLY HAPPY FOR ONCE, ARE YOU ALL HAPPY??????? HE'S ON THE BEACH AND HAVING A MARTINI. Also he's doing a bad job at supervising the kids but he doesn't care.
That awkward moment when you laugh at something someone says but then it turns out to be 100% serious.
@TurquoiseYoshi: I tried fixing it but for some reason SmackJeeves won't take out the random space in the link. Just copy the link and take out the space where it says "warpst ars-db89hzb.png"
Based on this: _warpstars-db89hzb.png

I just saw that and I instantly thought of Dark Nebula and Dark Crafter because this is totally how it would go in my headcanon.
NOTE: No, I am NOT changing the comic format and the style of Meta Knight to this.

Meta Knight is bored and breaks the fourth wall by causing discomfort by using a different comic format and different style.
Guess who's on the Team Kirby Clash Deluxe hype train
@Yoskichu: Dark Meta Knight in a bath filled with a huge amount of bubbles
@TheJGamer: It's Dark Meta Knight wearing sunglasses while taking a bubble bath with an obscene amount of bubbles, but your guess of him sticking his face through Kracko sounds way more hilarious.
I watched Shrek today and this scene reminded me of Dark Nebula and Dark Crafter and I had the dumbest idea to make a comic out of it.

<strike>Also I promised myself I wouldn't make any references to any of my ships or establish them in this series to avoid controversy BUT I TOOK THAT PROMISE AND SHATTERED IT</strike>
Dark Meta Knight probably sends this kind of junk to Dark Mind all the time.

Based on this: