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Candy's a fast girl! I like the blur effect in the first panel. It works for me.

PS: I think you mean "Hearty Handshake." ~hug~
October 17th, 2011
Sweet Candy!
Mmm, mmm, mmm. Nice...uh, shoes! Yeah. Just look at those shoes! ^_~
Lovely. Flowers, Casino, and all. They make a striking couple.
Niiice pinup! (too bad about that pinhole in my screen now. ^_~)
Oooooh! Color...Shiny...The glow is amazing. Oh, and squeee! We get to meet the Morgaines soon!
Squeeeeeeee! The kids came out awesome! Fidel sure looks like he plans on staying king of the roost. Annie looks amused, even as the wheels turn in her head. Nice job!
'Mostly'....pfahahahahahahaha ~gasp~ hahahaha!
Yay for new page!

Fidel looks adorable, especially in panel six. I'd say you did just fine drawing him.

And from Carson's shoulders, I bet the view of Annie's cleavage is quite stunning.
It is indeed still Tuesday. I just love Carson hugging Fidel. It looks so happy.
Oooooh! Shiny! Falcon is so pretty and petite next to China Rose. She looks like a lot more fun to fly than the boxy freighter. It's a wonder Carson lets anyone else fly her. Annie is a lucky girl.

And yes, the nighttime space views show the urban centers very nicely. That light pollution means I can't see the stars hardly at all here. Thank goodness for wild places where people can still see the glory of the full heavens.
It's fun how Annie sings like that. And that is one sweet rifle. No wonder her travel pack is so long.
So nice to see Captain Hu smiling.
~chuckle~ I just noticed in the last panel...the difference in hips is truly astounding. I love it!
So Annie knows Carson Wu from somewhere it seems. And what is a bounty hunter doing with that crew anyway if Apollo is Ecclesiastes Morgaine?

The plot thickens...
Pretty boy
Ah. Apollo looks so sweet in that first panel. He deserves a pretty pretty princess shirt. ^_^
Awww, so cute!
I love the different spaceships in their funny animal shapes. I think the lobster is the most fun, myself.
Worth the wait
I love how Annie has already inserted herself into the midst of the group, all off-scene. And of course, Apollo's mysterious siblings, those that are alive. Looking forward to meeting them. ^_^
I neeeeeed that hat...It must be mine!

Yay TJ!
I really like this one! The colors are so good together and the poses just work for me. Good job!