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Oralips dragon E3
I like cats and cupcakes
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@Nekomata99: did you see my post on the last page? Also I,mmmmmm baaaaaack
Ya must be, also what is she going to do to G-kitten or does she trust Stewie
The only reason I'm still reading this is because IT'S FUCKING AWESOME!!!!!!!!
This comic is good but it should have a guest appearance by Dusk
Stewie can SIIIINNNNGG!!! Or that was the pink cat from the last page
I just think no one is reading this because of the upcoming s.e.x and that most people are kids here. Also if you want me to I can suggest this comic to people
Can I post a link of a song here
@Nekomata99: this is a great comic, the back stories intertwined with the moment perfectly. It's like in this one war movie, whale the men were on the front line one of them forgot how to speak English and everyone else laughed until the ambush started.
I thought G-kitten could only turn into gem-armor
@Nekomata99: What will you do for the 100th comic/fan?
@CyberPikachu: Why was the fox-which standing her boobs on that dragon?