Hi. I like art, and collecting various things.

What I'm good at drawing: Anthro characters

What I'm not so good at: Machines, 4 legged critters, dragons, female characters, and especially humans x.x

My favorite games are the Sonic series, Minecraft, pokemon, the Binding of Isaac, TF2, the Smash Bros series, The Dragon Age and Neverwinter Nights and left 4 dead 2!

Favorite Tv Shows (current and not): House, Buffy, Bones, Sleepy Hollow, MLP: FiM, TMNT, The Walking Dead, Ghost Adventures, Sherlock, Supernatural and more!
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    Rachel W
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He's the Ultimate Life form..who's to say he can't use a mind-link to talk to a friend eh? EH?
No..she won't fall asleep out there XD
My pikachu guy (who has appeared in this comic) by the lovely MistressAli!

(Comic tomorrow btw!)
I wish there were sprites for this guy so bad....! XD

Finally drew my style..though!
First Music for this chapter -

She's having anyone surprised?
The "Inn" was the entrance house that led to the real sleeping area, etc :)
Yeah.....that's going to go real well Marth XD
LOL Rhov's face....priceless!!!!
Did this on Halloween a few years back..

Finally found the BG I was looking comic tomorrow!
Anyone but me (I created him after all) remember Sean from the PMD comic that I'm hoping to get going again soon? :)

This is him as a human done by a wonderful artist!
Not exactly related to the comic..but I was playing DA: Inquisition when I turned my character at one point during Trespasser I believe and saw this :)
I had to do one like this...also..PERFECT SONG for this chapter..and I listened to it while drawing this! Evermore, sung by Josh Groban! -
My cousin's in town..I haven't seen her in ages, so no update today! Should be able to tomorrow though :)
She's nearing her first rest area on her travels..which isn't far from their home "base"< just so you all know!

(The in-game sheet has the type's supposed to be Village though!)
Like she'd leave without at least a letter to shadow!

Also..should the two stay together in the end (aka when she comes back) or no?
I did NOT make this logo..but guess what I got that finally came out today...! Recorded my episode 1 playthrough already too..also..comic question!

Should Crystal stay with Shadow? Just curious :)
One panel on purpose...Marth is still trying to catch up...good luck with that Marth XD
I really need to draw this guy again..but here was my first picture of him from over a decade ago XD
Ref sheet someone did for me 12 years back of my egyptian fish character Ra :)