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Hi. I like art, and collecting various things.

What I'm good at drawing: Anthro characters

What I'm not so good at: Machines, 4 legged critters, dragons, female characters, and especially humans x.x

My favorite games are the Sonic series, Minecraft, pokemon, the Binding of Isaac, TF2, the Smash Bros series, The Dragon Age and Neverwinter Nights and left 4 dead 2!

Favorite Tv Shows (current and not): House, Buffy, Bones, Sleepy Hollow, MLP: FiM, TMNT, The Walking Dead, Ghost Adventures, Sherlock, Supernatural and more!
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    Rachel W
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well..part of it...a damn good l4d2 custom campaign easter egg....totally worth downloading the entire campaign it's in for!
And the call goes out..the first part of this part will be about this and those that respond...hopefully in time no?
and she gave 'em too me I figured why's the shot she took that caught the!
I had to share...just got home...and it's snowing huge flakes...can't see it here..but it really is. I am in nevada last i it with this weather! First 2+ feet of rain and MORE snow..holy shit XD

(this is just outside my house....I'm standing in the driveway when I took this....made sure NOt to catch any house numbers haha) Taken with my smartphone :)

Mom took a shot too with our digital camera that DOES show the flakes...will pload that later!
Be home soon hopefully....
and I was wrong..thought I'd be back today...won't be back until thursday..of course....I love being told this shit ahead of time..ugh! >_<
Finally got this game..this is my fav of the choices...and I will be home later tonight so comics will pick up tomorrow for sure! Finally..whew!
Still not at I said..gone 'til tues...this shot was taken during the opening scene of a l4d2 level XD comics until tues as I am out of town this weekend..of course XD

Uploading the next few things ahead of time and commenting when I can via my phone/a laptop..sorry XD

and I do NOT make comics ahead of time..I make'em day of usually x.x
Title screen for an awesome l4d2 level..also...I am not at home right now.....I am stuck waiting for shit..and it's so freaking slow right now ugh x.x

Glad I sent something to my phone to upload..which is what I am doing right now....hopefully I can get home in time to do the comic as promised..but not looking like it right now..UGH x.x
I know I said today...but I wanted to say Happy valentines..and one other thing. Thank you again so much to anyone who cares when I was upset/depressed and/or will care in the future. It means alot to thank you!
I know I said comic..but my dad loves corvettes and I saw this and wanted to do a shot of it for him. I'll just change the date for today's comic to say the 14th instead..sorry! He deserves something for being so good to be for 36 years so far!
Simple on purpose....on to part 2!
l4d2 level opening...also I have stuff to do today..including more comic WILL be tomorrow..promise!
DR Who easter egg in a l4d2 level :)

comic tuesday!
A friend wanted me to share this one.....tons of Ugandan Knuckles around as we escaped in a helicopter XD
sorry....only a screenshot today. Will be a "cover" for part 'two" of the current "plot" next though hopefully!
I goofed before..part one is done now..will still be called The Dimensional War....just splitting it into "parts" so to speak.. :)
Forgot I had to help others and go with them to more appointments...whoops....uploading this from a laptop that has none of my comic stuff sorry...will be sure to do some for thurs/fri no matter what to make up for this!
Not sure what is going on..but caught this when I was a sniper lol

comic tomorrow hopefully...unless shit goes bad again x.x