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Hi. I like art, and collecting various things.

What I'm good at drawing: Anthro characters

What I'm not so good at: Machines, 4 legged critters, dragons, female characters, and especially humans x.x

My favorite games are the Sonic series, Minecraft, pokemon, the Binding of Isaac, TF2, the Smash Bros series, The Dragon Age and Neverwinter Nights and left 4 dead 2!

Favorite Tv Shows (current and not): House, Buffy, Bones, Sleepy Hollow, MLP: FiM, TMNT, The Walking Dead, Ghost Adventures, Sherlock, Supernatural and more!
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    Rachel W
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Found this old thing Kyro did for me of my "persona" as he is in jackal form...still love this old thing
Nick doesn't look thrilled with the whole digging thing....go figure XD
Taken during a fan made map called 2019 II...more story based then the first 2019 :)
Looks like her friend might be coming back..maybe!
I didn't take this screenshot...but I had to share it....look who appeared for a second in the latest MLP episode!

(comic will be put up today too..just wanted to share this first)
Forgot companions in Fallout might do stuff like this...whoops!
This picture took a long may not look like it but it did..the inside of the Tardis...lord save me..I love this as a result though!
Another shot from that major easter egg featuring portal stuff. I still admire the work put into it!
Quick visit to Doofus Rick's "world" just to see why he's taking so long to return..which he will!
I had this pre-uploaded and set to go up today....

Guess who has a nice oh so lovely case of food poisoning..ugh x.x
Part of a MLP nextgen thing of mine...a friend wanted me to upload it here for some reason..probably 'cause Crystal as a pony is in it XD

She won't be like this forever I swear..but ouch!
It's a Coach skin....this was taken during the 2019 II campaign. the new sonic comic woot!!
This is part of the campaign once it loads and is panning towards the survivors :)

I didn't make the map as always!
Taken during a campaign called Deathcraft 2 :)
What the heck was she dreaming indeed XD
I have a comic done..hopefully will upload later...but this shot is from another RE campaign for L4D2 someone made..based entirely on an actual RE game :)
Good lord her dad's an I'm starting to see why she'd run off....yeesh!
Friend wanted me to upload this here for some's a next gen mlp scene XD
I have to do silly stuff now and then....and I actually do have a green terraria character with golden hair that I named Crystal :)