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Hi. I like art, and collecting various things.

What I'm good at drawing: Anthro characters

What I'm not so good at: Machines, 4 legged critters, dragons, female characters, and especially humans x.x

My favorite games are the Sonic series, Minecraft, pokemon, the Binding of Isaac, TF2, the Smash Bros series, The Dragon Age and Neverwinter Nights and left 4 dead 2!

Favorite Tv Shows (current and not): House, Buffy, Bones, Sleepy Hollow, MLP: FiM, TMNT, The Walking Dead, Ghost Adventures, Sherlock, Supernatural and more!
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    Rachel W
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One of my favorite priest spells..definitely comes in handy!
Found this fella yesterday....!

also..comic itself...still stuck.....but I think I am close to breaking this block...hopefully...sorry again :(
this block is kicking my ass..and making me feel guilty...I am so sorry about this..please don't hate me..I am trying to get this going again I swear! x.x
I've loved the lighting the past few pages. I feel bad for this poor guy now too :(

The burning of Teldrassil was a shock for sure...
Lies are never good...yikes. And very good DID it move..I'd be careful now if I was one of them!
and she's messed it up now...I want him to snap at her something fierce...I really do
Dhanel is right here..something definitely isn't right..I was suspicious myself. Can't wait to see if it's true...still love this comic!
Finally found this one!
Still working on what to do sorry.....found this old pic of me holding an old pic I did up...yes I used references for it!
Sorry all..I had to take another break from alot of stuff ;_;

Trying to work up to stuff again..but really no guarantees..haven't been..'me" lately :(
man..i hope he makes it too.. *roots for him*
omg so much for updating with strips....I got hit with a massive "block" in regards to this..I am so so so sorry x.x

I think I figured out what I can do to hopefully break it.... *crosses fingers* let's just say it involves Sonic...and leave it at that XD
Yes I saw it...and to be honest I had to be what feels like one of the only people..if not the only one..who didn't mind how Sonic looked....people bitched too much I think personally....kinda hard to make a cartoon/game character look realistic....I did NOT expect Jim carrey as eggman either...that's gonna be funny I think...and at the end..was that Mushroom Hill or was I imagining things? XD
Massive hours long fight with a family member..will update tomorrow (or today whenever this posts) when I can sorry. Some things shoot my willingness to do anything to hell..this sure did -_-
Guess who finally has her PC to transfer all my sprite stuff back from an external drive I have it saved to and I'm good to go..sorry again!
Should have me computer back sometime today hopefully...sorry about that....didn't expect it to go boom on me....never fails.. x.x
...guess who has to wait for a fixed PC...yup......of course...not helping me keep my word is it >_<
Something that was added...a rollercoaster in world of it!
Quick question.....if there are sprites I can use for ya'll have any ideas on who else I could include to help the NCA group with their fight?

I have the next comics made already..just have to add the words...but I thought I'd ask..thanks! :)
Just letting you all know until I can build up a few strips I'll be alternating days for screenshots and comics..thanks for understanding!