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Lee smiles when Lee laughs at others' misfortune. xD RIP Mr. Claus' hair. Coincidence that the kid on the right of that photo looks suspiciously like BlueEyes? ...
The black and white definitely makes this scene more eerie.
LOL Roy's owl head turn at the end there. Haha... He's so broken. xD Additionally, I love the second panel. Perfect.
Creeeeepy. Poor Lee. Buck up, pal. It could be nastier. xD
Yay! New chapter. I'm excited! ^^
Oooh, I like this! Nice cover. ^^
LOL I love these! Blue Eyes, ya creeper. xD I LOVE Raven's response. Hahaha.... that's so super funny. I love how he points out that he's an adult first. xD

By the way, I love Raven's updated look! You can see your improvement from this semester in this page for sure! ^^
LOL I love the expressions in these ones. Haha... Poor Mr. Claus. xDD
So is Roy or his father Blue Eyes? Hmmm. Or are they completely separate characters? Roy's father's hair is just similar to Blue Eyes', just sayin'. Oh ho ho ho...
That final panel is awesome. Super creepy. But I especially love the third panel. ^^
That Blue Eyes is a creeper, man. Great, now he has her knife. I love the last panel especially. It's super creepy. xD
Dahhhhhh! I KNEW this would happen. Best creeper mode ever. I love the progression of the first three panels, but the interactions in 5th and 6th panels is also brilliantly frightening.
Have fun camping! ^^
Ooh, that's rough. Scary town is scary. I'd run home and turn all the lights on and never sleep again. xD
@Goldelocks: Good luck with midterms~! I know how stressful those can be. ^^; Take your time, girl. It's impressive how much you've kept up with all you've had to take care of. =)
Nice job with this page. LOL Blue Eyes is super creepy. That whistling though... The stuff of nightmares. xD I love Izzy's face in the bottom left.
February 18th, 2017
Are we finally leaving this dingy storage room? :0

Yay, I finally got a chance to work on some comic stuff. Sorry for the long wait. Like I said, updates are going to be super random and unscheduled for a while. Thanks for your patience! ^^
Run Izzy! DDD:
Oooh, his voice is waaay creepier now. >.> The stuff of nightmares, children. If you don't wanna die, dude, you best take that knife from him.
You don't suck. You're awesome! ^^

Great page! Love the use of blue and the action.