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All the blue eyes! I'm DYING. I can't wait to know more. <3

EDIT: akshgdjagfsasd THAT's IZZY! Ooooh, some real poop is going down soon. Right? Right?! Dah.
Huh huh HUH? Who be you?!
Yeesh. I'm getting such a creepy vibe from this page. I love your stuff!
Roy is such an enigma. . . Haha... I can't wait until more is revealed about his character. xD Until then (and likely afterward) Lee is stuck with him. Haha...
Nah. Lee, there are more important things to worry about than weird little Roy. Like, find out if Sparrow was eaten alive... >.>
Haha.... I love this page. So eerie. The panel of a fullbody of Roy, the slam sound effect. All of this page is awesome!
The second to last panel is amazing.
Bloods? Uh oh... This can't be good. What will he find? With his luck, probably not much. xD
He's stronger than I am. I probably woulda crapped myself or manage something equally undignified...

That was a little vulgar... I apologize.
Lee smiles when Lee laughs at others' misfortune. xD RIP Mr. Claus' hair. Coincidence that the kid on the right of that photo looks suspiciously like BlueEyes? ...
The black and white definitely makes this scene more eerie.
LOL Roy's owl head turn at the end there. Haha... He's so broken. xD Additionally, I love the second panel. Perfect.
Creeeeepy. Poor Lee. Buck up, pal. It could be nastier. xD
Yay! New chapter. I'm excited! ^^
Oooh, I like this! Nice cover. ^^
LOL I love these! Blue Eyes, ya creeper. xD I LOVE Raven's response. Hahaha.... that's so super funny. I love how he points out that he's an adult first. xD

By the way, I love Raven's updated look! You can see your improvement from this semester in this page for sure! ^^
LOL I love the expressions in these ones. Haha... Poor Mr. Claus. xDD
So is Roy or his father Blue Eyes? Hmmm. Or are they completely separate characters? Roy's father's hair is just similar to Blue Eyes', just sayin'. Oh ho ho ho...
That final panel is awesome. Super creepy. But I especially love the third panel. ^^
That Blue Eyes is a creeper, man. Great, now he has her knife. I love the last panel especially. It's super creepy. xD