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This has been an adventure.

For the people just joining in last-second to the long-timers that've endured pancakings, to the author kimchi-ing people in the face...

thank every single one of you,
for this once-in-a-lifetime experience!
@kane88: In the first panel, there are two Canucks logos. In the second, there's two but one's background is white and one's background is blue, so if we correspond blue to 1 and white to zero, and with his left and right hands given values, there's different values assigned, giving us 11010110, which is a capital "O" with a trema. COINCIDENCE? I THINK NOT!
That fix is just so freaking cute. Calling it now, it's going to bite.
ggwp prune juice too op
@ryank_119: Whether it be in real life or in NHL 18, that's still a heck of a lot of 'em.
Waaaait a second.

Where did he even pull that Cool Pop out from?
Does he have like a refrigerator in his chest?
December 20th, 2017
This is so hilariously insane in its pacing.

@ryank_119: It would seem that I have invested several million dollars into Phil Credits and only gotten around 4 or so.

Ohhh, I was using the "trade millions of dollars for Phil Credits in contract years" conversion. Well, I'm stupid.

gg wp
Well that's a shame.
oh no
it's the injury gnomes oh no hide the ankles
PSA: The above comment does not have much thought put into it. Thank you for your time.
As I mentioned before, I sold my soul to Hussie. But, if before I read Homestuck, I gave you (Ky-nim) my reader's tears, and those tears contain a part of my soul, then...
I guess I sold my soul to you (Ky-nim) and Hussie at the same time?
Wow, now my head hurts.
Does this mean that in some odd way I am a segway between both webcomics (Myths of Unova and Homestuck) OH GOD MY HEAD.
Revelations revealed: in a part of page 6009 ([S] Cascade) of mspaintadventures, there is a "refrance" to this comic. How did I not see this before?

P.S. This is way too long for a comment.

Best Regards,
That Guy Who Likes Tacos.
this webcomic has grown so much...let me add to your collection of reader's tears. first Homestuck (I sold my soul to Hussie, aka SATAN HIS-FREAKING SELF) and now this. So many of my favorite webcomics are ending and I dunno what to do
Great job!
This is definitely the best so far. The beginning is so nostalgic, with me having finished my Pokemon Platinum [sushi]locke...
This ties up a a lot of tied ends that may or may not have already been resolved within the the canon Poke(accent)mon games **cough cough** (bw2) **cough cough**
who is "Matilta"?
The #PaniniNostalgia, right here.
@SilverNinetales: Or Maybe Cilan is secretly N!! Green hair, similarities...
Matthew Santoro is YOU!
@Darkrai491: #Plagiarism
@Jesseking: Once a month schedule.