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adsfjkl happy belated b-day, charles darwin, stealer of the theory of natural selection/evolution
we are all made of bees. if bees are a metaphor for atoms or cells. then yes. we are all made of bees.
adsfjkl; 1,830 hot dogs
time to go through this comic and count all of the hotdogs up to fact-check it because i have nothing else to do, lmao
adsfjkl that last panel... that's an eternal mood, lmao

and congrats on graduating!! w'oot w'oot!
adfjslk; there's 100% no way this can go terribly, horribly wrong xD
i just noticed-
madras is crying there
my gosh this
this is beautifully made
ajsdkl; it's beautiful

i'm a tad sad there wasn't another meme in this one but
aaAA this one's amazing
Time to take the Caps down in the second round, yet again. wOOO LET'S GOOOOOOOOOOOO
gosh richard's such a great punching bag tho :x
you see, THIS is why i always get a 10-foot pole. without fail.
asdfjlk; if only
just lend sid's sticks to everyone on the team, just
one game where everyone on the pens scores at least one goal from behind murray
that'd be great
The best way to conquer salt in Overwatch is with some Toxicity Cleanserâ„¢. Stay extremely extremely positive, give good call-outs, and try and ignore the hate. Prove them wrong with a 3-kill riptire!
richard, on a tiny electric scooter
this is the best of ideas, the b est of mopeds
best of luck to you on those exams!
afsdjlk i've never seen "butt-grabbing" used in a better way
*jazz hands*
that's three watch puns, two whips, and one naenae,,,
how could you do this to me
aAAA that's so heckin cuuuuuuuute~
asdfjlk; happy belated birthday, dan-man