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I'm a 27 year old, gay-sex drawing, bad pun-flinging, sarcastic bitch that would sooner make a joke in really bad taste rather than bother with silly things like APPROPRIATE BEHAVIOR, or ACTING MY AGE. Time is relative, dontcha know? Anyway... Despite my lack of social graces, I've been told I'm a rather nice person all things considered - so please, don't feel intimidated or afraid to approach me, because for srs, yo... I love talking to my readers =) LOVE IT. Ya'll give me such joy. Some of my best friends started out as readers, after all!
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Oh WOW... And now we get a rather blatant reminder that Devoto, while appearing cute and fluffy, really can be quite frightening, as a demon usually is.

And darn it, now I really, REALLY want to see his default manifestation O.o
Eee! This gives me shivers! The artwork and the dialogue go together SO so well... It just makes my imagination run rampant!!
All penises aside (and I'll be honest, I started reading this comic for that reason after watching you on DA for a while), this is shaping into something so much more.

Your work has always been pleasing to the eye for me, but these past two pages are making this elevate into something completely different. This stands out in the yaoi/slash community for me because this isn't just a comic about two guys happily poking about with their dangly bits. This is stroll through a breathtaking GALLERY.

Every time I look through these pages, I get the sense that I'm watching a transcendence. Almost as though I personally should be evolving, but am rooted to the Earth beneath me, seeing the wash and flow of color pass before my eyes; inviting and maddening in it's inaccessibility.

Really, there are too few words to adequately describe it. "Beautiful" falls painfully short of the mark.
I think I'm going to fall in total love with Johnny =) Wewt!

Excellent so far. Update soon. I'm needy XD
Am I the only one who finds those sandal-feet sexy as all hell? >_> Tell me I'm not the only one....
Oh god... I actually just snorted coffee out my nose O.o

SLEAZY SEAN IS WIN. That grin takes it. Totally.

This is awesome darling XD I LOVE Shasta's body shot too. She looks great!! Want to play with that haaaaaair.
Man, I can't wait to see this in action XD *bounces around*

And dawwww... you're such a sweetheart. I'm going to have to find a copy of PS and free-hand a quick filler for IT stating that my boys went on vacation :P Heee... would be funny.

And really, the only reason I'm awesome is because I get to sit and chill and pick brains with you. You make life great XD
Waaaaaaaaaaait just one second here... He's on FACEBOOK, isn't he?

I'm on to him.
Nah, your snow looks pretty good =) Even if you don't get snow out in Cali.

I'm originally from Northern Minnesota, and believe me, YOU'RE NOT MISSING MUCH. Except frostbite and wet socks. Every day. For 6 months out of the year. Stupid fucking -50F T_T

I can't even begin to tell you how glad I am that I'm in Southern Florida now. Tanned in December.. UNHEARD OF!
You know, I wish there was a way I could articulate how incredibly impressed I am with the dialogue in this story, particularly during a monologue. You've always had a way with words, but it's really shining through here. I think I seriously got goosebumps, woman O.o
Shima, as always, is epic win XD Gotta love those twins!
*whimper* Why oh why do I have to be such a poor summabitch? *cries* I swear to you... When I get off my ass and make me a paypal, you are SO getting monies. Lots of monies. You'll see! *shakes fist*

*snerk* Ah, Tommy.. can't keep your hands to yourself even in the most serious of moments.

I honestly am starting to wonder what it'll take for Dake to give up the goods! I'm glad they're not just hopping into bed yet (yay for staying true to your characters!) but jeez. The boy needs to be whimpering and sweaty some time!!
Argh, I know, I'm sorry, I nitpick but... With there being such a dramatic height difference between Tommy and Dake... How is it that Tommy is filling out those jammies so well?

Besides that, I'm absolutely in love with this page/chapter/part of the story. Whispering in the dark is fun. Eh, eh? *nudgenudge* KnowwhatIMean?
To answer your questions from the last page!

An infected follicle is basically like an ingrown hair - the hair follicle gets all crudded up from dead skin, sweat and dirt, causing an infection. They can be pretty painful, but easily fixed with a sewing needle and a pair of tweezers.

And yes, boils can start under the skin. That's typically why they get as bad as they do. The ones that I've seen/had started out really small, and almost solid feeling, pretty far beneath the skin. You can let it build up until it gets a head on it, or at least until it's close enough to the surface that you can prick it with a needle and push most of it out. The tricky part with this, though, is the fact that boil grossness tends to get solid inside the little infected sac it grows in. So if you're going to take that venture, you need to use a hot compress to soften it up.

And I just realized how gross this all sounds. Bleh.
Aaaah, Desta is such a gooey sap XD *love*

As far as the lump thingy, it's more than likely an infect follicle, or perhaps the beginnings of a boil. I've had my fair share of both, and yes, they can be quite painful. I'd keep an eye on it for a few days, see if anything develops (a head on it, for example)... if so, DON'T LET IT SIT. GET RID OF IT AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. Boils will keep on growing until you're unable to move the body part they're attached to, then you'll have to go to the Doc's and have it stabbed with a pointy metal stick and that HURTS EVEN WORSE D:

Best of luck to you!
Jealous douchebaggery!
It was a good door. A strong door. It will be missed.
Oh no no. I meant.. how is he going to get out of the closet? Hence the perfectly reasonable explanation part.. he'll probably just be able to beat the door down, huh? XD
Can't he just throw his shoe at him? D:

heh.. sorry. Bob and George popped into my brain for a minute.

As far as Cain goes... and this probably has some perfectly acceptable explanation... but didn't Utisz LOCK that closet door?
Haha! Take THAT! Although, I'm curious as to why Tommy!Body is also calling Eila a bitch... hm. Perhaps I am reading too much into this XD I dunno. It's 2am and I'm tired.

Weee updates! Saturday update, perhaps too? :D