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hello,hello I like sleeping,eating and using the computer.i like to draw in my spare time.i would like some help with my comics so (somehow?)feel free to message me if you want to co-author and help out.
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oh shit he's gonna get in the way of ky and kim ._.
aw darn now I feel like crying! ;-; the feels
oh my //0-0///
oh gosh , if he pops a boner I swear XD
this is sooo sad! poor baby
the eyeball scared me. poor louis!
how old is kylee again?
omfg he's got a snake in his boot if you know what I mean.
aw little baby ;-;
I died XD I cant stop playing the video and then looking at the comic
poor baby ;-;
i have a feeling bird is going to be blind ;-;
the first panel tho XD the look of dissapointment
and then louis's face omg ////>_</// "go in "