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katty is a college student in the UK, studying art(not any more)
environmental science
and travel and tourism (coursework sucks...)

i live off: sugar, caffeine, music and fandom. and more sugar,... and cake.

yes please:
manga, anime, video games(the usual), the colour yellow, sugar, toa, yaoi, shonen-ai, het, shoujo, shounen, sleeping, being lazy, art, guy cecil, jade, a nice cup of tea, being un-naturaly attracted to cute things and bright colours, larsa, natalia luzu kimlaska landvalder, ion, chocolate, fullmetal alchemist, loveless, bump of chicken, ash, chilli, chickpea curry,omelettes, my retarded friends...

no thank you:
spiders, insects, butterflies (their wings are pretty but they have hairy bodies..), bananas, public speaking, tall people, being short D:, not being able to spell, the fact that most 13 yr olds can draw better than me, getting competitive..., college work, time passing by, not getting up early on a day off (gotta make the most of it), my dad putting too much soy sauce and mustard in food..
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yay yay yay!!

it's so cute <3
i feel all warm and fuzzy inside now.

good luck with dew forest!
(and i can't wait to see cloe again D:)
ooooooh pretty
i like their hair styles.
they look so peaceful
oh my, oh my!
Al in the bottom corner is adorable!

*works it out*
if he has 5 wives and 19 girlfriends and 30 children that means he has more than one child with some of the wives/girlfriends, meaning in some of his 'families' he has 2 or more children called roy junior. lol!
and some how i could see him doing that.
(wow, i don't believe i just thought so much...)
love it!!

*pervy thoughts*
forcing someone to do something against their will huh?
(...well there goes my mind to the gutter... >_>;)

Ed in the first panel looks looovley
what's gonna happen???
thats soo coooool
i like henry and richard
and mrs dove!!
that was too nerve wracking!
[sits down an has a cup of tea]

please get well soon henry!!
ooooh lawrence looks quite bishounen there.

can i send henry a get well card?
improvment on the origional??
hoho riku!
that is the sex
yes you are pretty. very pretty
hwaaaaaa <3333
love it <3

watch out rich & henry shes gonna get'cha
ed's uke huh?