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I know it's not interesting.
Don't care.

Oh, and to clarify: He's talking to Fritos, who is INSIDE the building.
Oh noez!
Andy dropped his cigs!
oh, lol.
Yeah, this one's cooler.
Did his arms just get stuck in the tree?
Gajin un-fused just to get some pie? Kewl.
This happens to me all the time!

This happens to me all the time!
1st post!

He can't even mash "A"?
Wadd, totally.
December 4th, 2009
She's gonna put yogurt in it. I can tell.
He just punched him in the face...
Allow me to clarify.
The Reaper pin he uses gives him rudimentary Reaper powers. The one he's using now is the ability to create Noise. He's creating a Noise out of the Reaper pin itself.

If you make a Noise out of a Raven pin, you'll get a Raven Noise. So if you make a Noise out of a Reaper pin...

Anyway, this is Fritos' good friend Jake. They pact pretty much every Game.

Speaking of games...
I just lost The Game!
Nobody do anything w/ my character yet...

I'm going to make a page where he pacts w/ someone.
Error: Blu_Screen is already in your favorites list.
November 23rd, 2009
ERROR: Flying Koi is already in your favorites list.
Isn't the account a mod account?

Wouldn't it be all,
*game deleted*"?
November 20th, 2009
I wish MY glasses shot lazers...
That has got to be, like, one of the best parts of the series so far.
Every time I see anyone power up like that in DBZ, I always imagine this happening.